LAST CALL World Cup Pools


World Cup starts Sunday at 11:00 am Eastern. This is LAST CALL to join a World Cup Pool. Note: If you are already in, you can change your picks up to your pool deadline.

Free Pool Options

Create your own private pool. You can set the entry deadline up to kickoff Tuesday, or contact me if you need an alternate deadline.

I sent some common pool questions and answers to our private pool commissioners yesterday.

Or, join our free entry public pool. Play for fun, compete against our community. Deadline for this one is Tuesday.

Pay-to-Play Pool

For this one, deadline Sunday!

Mike's $25 Entry World Cup Quatar 2022

Pick all the group winners and winner of every knockout round game to the Final.

$25 per entry (plus $2).
Prizes determined based on entries

* All amounts in Canadian dollars.

Qatar-Ecuador Sunday, England-Iran Monday morning, Argentina early Tuesday, and Belgium-Canada Wednesday at 2:00 pm Eastern!

Clear your meetings, and don't plan to get much work done for the next month. This is going to be awesome!


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