Third Chance Week 8 NFL Survivor Now Open


Exactly one month ago I said, "already out of your survivor pool? You are not alone!" Well... the second chance survivor isn't lasting long, which leads us to a... THIRD Chance Survivor Pool

This one doesn't start this week, it starts next week, Week 8. But, don't delay joining or you could miss out!

MOP $4,000 THIRD Chance NFL Survivor

$20 · Max 240 Entries · Full Rules

Each week pick a team to win. Win to stay, lose you are out!

Cannot pick the same team twice. Last entry alive is the winner.

NFL Week 8 start. $4,000 grand prize. $20 per entry. Max 240 entries.

* All amounts in Canadian dollars.

You can still join my football point spread ($100 for winning the week), hockey picks ($50 for winning the week), and World Cup pool, if you haven't already. Great time to be a sports fan!


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