March Madness Survivor + Pick'em


March Madness returns and our March Madness Survivor pools are up and running (and Pick'em)! Selection Sunday is March 13th, but there is a placeholder schedule to join and reserve your spot(s).

Survivor Rules

Eight rounds in the pool - First Round Thursday and Friday, Second Round Saturday and Sunday, Sweet 16, Elite Eight, Final Four and National Championship. Pick one team to win First Round Thursday. If they win, then you advance to the next round. If they lose, then you are out!

Keep going as long as you can. Important: cannot pick the same team twice. Last person standing is the winner! Read the full rules.

Public Pools

Survivor $20 Entry · $2,500 Prize
Limit 150 Entries

One of our most popular pools! Reserve your spot before it sells out

Survivor $40 Entry · $2,500 Prize
Limit 75 Entries

Double the stakes but fewer entries to overcome for the grand prize

Survivor Free Entry · $50 Prize

Play for website supremacy and a cash prize of $50. Limit 2 entries per member

March Madness Pick'em Free Entry

Pick the winner of every game, a round at a time. Free entry, bragging rights

* All amounts in Canadian dollars. Canadians add GST/HST

Your Own Private Pool

You can also create your own private pool - March Madness Survivor or Pick'em. Same rules but you can set a private pool password, give optional number of strikes and, most importantly, invite who you want and set your own stakes. This service is free.

Spring is in the air, and March Madness is a great way to kick things off putting winter behind us. Let's go!


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