New Hockey Pools Start Saturday


I wasn't sure about starting new 2022 hockey pools because, you know, Covid. Then realized there isn't anywhere to go or much to do, we need some distraction in our lives people!

To that end, it is time for some new hockey pools. There are free entry and pay-to-play Hockey Pick'em and Hockey Survivor pools.

NFL Playoffs (free entry, $22 entry) are also open and ready to roll. I'll adjust the seeds as necessary after Sunday.

Hockey Pools

MOP Free Entry NHL Pick'em II

Pick the winner of every game on the Saturday schedule.

Starts Sat Jan 8. Tracks weekly and overall results.

MOP Free Entry NHL Survivor II

Double knockout survivor. Cannot pick the same team twice.

Last entry alive is the winner! Starts Sat Jan 8.

Mike's $25 Entry NHL Pick'em II

$25 · 100% paid out · Full Rules

Pick'em all, every Saturday for ten weeks.

$25 per entry (plus $2). Weekly and overall payouts.

Mike's $25 Entry NHL 2x Survivor II

$25 · 100% paid out · Full Rules

2x = double knockout. Cannot pick the same team twice.

$25 per entry (plus $2). Winner takes all!

* All amounts in Canadian dollars.

Belated Happy New Year!


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