Hi everyone. I'm pretty sure I curated the right list of people who are currently in an active hockey or football, pick'em or survivor pool on the site.

As you might have noticed from the news, Covid is doing a number on pro sports schedules right now, so I wanted to send a note about the impact on your pool(s). In the NHL, we lost one Saturday night game a few days ago. Today, three more games are postponed and wiped off of our schedule for tonight, leaving only six games.

In the NFL, no games are moved off Week 15, but originally there were two games scheduled today. One of those moved to Monday, and two Sunday games moved to Tuesday.

For pick'em players, there really is not much impact. A shorter slate of games for hockey, and the Oilers-Kracken game at 10:00 pm Eastern is still the tie-breaker if your pool uses that option. The deadline for all hockey games is now 7:00 pm tonight. The deadline for today's football game is kickoff, 8:15 pm. The deadline for all remaining football games is Sunday at 1:00 pm Eastern.

Survivor players! If you picked a team for any of the hockey games that are now postponed, you need to login and pick another game before 7:00 pm Eastern today. Otherwise a default pick will be assigned if your entry is eligible (didn't already use a default previously).

In football survivor, the deadline applies as above - due tonight for today's game, and by first kickoff Sunday for any of the Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday games. However, if your pick is from a game that is later cancelled after the deadline (I'm not taking anything for granted now), then you will receive a default pick, again, if your entry is eligible.

Hope that is helpful, and crossing my fingers here no more changes... at least this week.

Thanks for your time and have a good weekend!


- - - - -

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