Stanley Cup Playoffs Start Saturday


Stanley Cup Playoffs start Saturday! Only a few more days to join our Hockey Playoffs Pools.

Pick all the series winners, number of games for each series (don't forget this), and five players to earn points for goals and assists (max two from the same team).

The deadline to join is Saturday at 7:15 pm Eastern.

MOP Free Entry Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket
Free Entry

Bragging rights, Tim's hockey cards, and $50 to the winner

Limit 1 entry per member.

Mike's $22 Entry (Long Overdue) Cup Playoffs Bracket
$22 Per Entry

$22 per entry. $20 to the prize pool, $2 to cover costs.

Prizes 1st through 5th place.

Create Your Own Private Pool

Give your pool a name, type a message to your poolies, submit and go. Join the pool yourself, and then invite others by sharing your unique pool link.

Commissioners, email or message me (Facebook, Twitter) if you have any questions.

Playoff seeds are updated daily - they are pretty set now. Edit your picks anytime up to the entry deadline. Thanks and good luck!


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