Hi everyone. Thanks for playing in our March Madness pools this year. That was definitely a rough first day, and I'm not here to rub salt in the wound if you are already knocked out of any of the survivor pools. I only want to send an additional email with important reminders for these pools.

1. If you are still alive in survivor, remember to make a pick TODAY. The deadline is first tip, which is only a little over an hour away, at 12:15 pm Eastern. Pick'em pool players, picks for all games are also due by first tip, 12:15 pm.

2. The next round schedule is in! The next round is TOMORROW (Sunday) - with a 12:10 pm start. I know it is a short window from round to round the first weekend. I do my best to get the schedule in asap. It went in late last night. To make sure you don't miss your Sunday pick, go ahead and make it today.

4. Similarly, I will do my best to put in Monday's schedule tonight after the last game today is final. Then we can take a breath until Sweet 16 next weekend.

5. If you do not make a pick, then you receive a default pick, the team with the highest point spread for the round. However, you only get a default pick once. There is one exception for this season only. If a team is removed from the tournament due to Covid, and an entry already used its default pick, then that entry will receive the replacement team the NCAA puts in place of the suspended team. Let's hope this rule isn't necessary.

Hope you are enjoying the games. Many of them are down to the wire exciting. Best of luck the rest of the way!


- - - - -

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