NHL Schedule, COVID, and Our Pools

I wondered about sending this email the second week of the NHL season. Now we are heading into our fourth Saturday, no doubt I should send this out.

There are now THREE games postponed for this Saturday's NHL schedule due to COVID. They've been removed from the picks form for both hockey pick'em and survivor pools. Any picks already submitted for those games (and this is particularly important for survivor) are gone, they are deleted.

Hockey pick reminder emails are sent Thu, Fri, and Sat mornings, as long as you (a) don't already have picks saved for the current week, and (b) haven't declined to receive them. You can turn pick reminders on/off from your member page.

So, even if you picked BUF or BOS or ARI or MIN or NYR or NJ (geez!) for survivor earlier, didn't get the pick reminder today, then you should get it tomorrow. That said, please try to stay on top of these schedule changes as best you can, and I will do the same to update the pools ASAP. Feel free to send me a note if you notice a schedule change I haven't made yet.

As a general rule, I will remove games that are postponed as soon as I can. I will not add rescheduled games to the Saturday schedule Wednesday or later in the week.

If you have any questions then please let me know. Thanks for playing in the pools!


- - - - -

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