Steelers-Titans Game Delayed


Quick note for our active football pool players ... the NFL announced this morning the Pittsburgh Steelers-Tennessee Titans game is delayed until later in the season.

For our pools, I removed the game from the schedule and it will not be part of Week 4. For pick'em pool players, it is one less pick for the week, you don't need to do anything.

For survivor players, if you picked either the Steelers to Titans (anyone?), then you need to make a different pick for Week 4.

For future reference, if a game is delayed but still played by Tuesday after the current week (as was originally expected for this game), then we will keep it as part of the current week. If a game is delayed and rescheduled later than Tuesday, then it will be excluded from the current week and included in the week it is rescheduled.

Again, for survivor players, if you pick a team from a game that ultimately is not played the current week, then the default pick rules come into effect.

In more positive news, I opened our Second Chance Survivor (Week 5 Start) and a new Point Spread Pick'em (Weeks 6 through 10). Join one, join both!

Thanks and ... try to enjoy the Broncos-Jets game tonight. Think of it like watching a train wreck. Can't turn away!


- - - - -

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