Second Half Hockey Pools


NHL All-Star Game is upon us. For our regular players, enjoy the break, and if you are not in a Hockey Pick'em or Hockey Survivor pool, start one now for the second half of the season.

Anyone can create their own private pool, or join our free entry public pools - or both! The private pools are a free service. The public pools are for bragging rights and the winner receives one item from the new MOP treasure chest! (Corny, yes, but fun regardless.)

Create Private
NHL PIck'em Pool

You set the start and end dates, and invite who you want to the pool. We take care of the rest.

Create Private
NHL Survivor Pool

Consider a pool as a fundraiser for your son or daughter's sports team. Track paid and unpaid entries.

MOP Free Entry
NHL Pick'em II

Pick the winner of every game on the Saturday schedule.

Starts Feb 1st. Tracks weekly and overall results.

MOP Free Entry
NHL Survivor II (2x)

2x = Double knockout survivor. Cannot pick the same team twice.

Last entry alive is the winner! Starts Feb 1st.

Weeky Pick Deadline

Careful of the early start games. The weekly pick deadline is 7:00pm Eastern unless the game starts earlier than that on Saturday. Then it is opening puck drop of that game, when picks for those games are locked. All other games, the deadline is 7:00pm. There are games played earlier than 7:00pm almost every Saturday this NHL season.

Thanks for being a valuable member of the MOP community! Hope to see you in our upcoming hockey pools.


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