Hockey Pools Commish Update


Our records show you created a private Hockey Pick'em or Hockey Survivor pool for the upcoming season. Thanks! Here are a few notes to help you and your poolies.

How To Join Your Pool

After a small design change it seems the "Join This Pool" buttons on the results page went missing if you didn't set a Commish Message. That is now fixed, so if anyone in your group asked how to join the pool, direct them to login or register a free member account and go back to your private pool results page to find the Join button.

How to Share Your Pool

Your results page is the best link to share with your friends. It should look as follows: OR

XXXX is your unique pool i.d. You had the option to set a private pool password.

You can also use the Share buttons found at the top of the sidebar (upper-right on large screens; below results table on small screens).

Choose A Start Week That Works For You

Need more time to gather your group to join the pool? Then don't worry about starting this Saturday. Adjust the start week to either of the next two Saturdays (Commish Tools > Edit Pool), or email me for another start week.

There are 26 weeks in the NHL season so we have lots of time to make this work.

Frequent Questions and Answers

The last point - the alias feature - is a good option for pools used as fundraisers because it is less work for the person you are trying to get to join and contribute to your cause.

The downside for survivor and pick'em pools if you need to input the pick(s) for them each week, since the entry is under your account.

Weeky Pick Deadline

Careful of the early start games. The weekly pick deadline is 7:00pm Eastern unless the game starts earlier than that on Saturday. Then it is opening puck drop of that game, after which picks for those games are locked. All other games, the deadline is 7:00pm. There are games played earlier than 7:00pm almost every Saturday this NHL season.

How to Remove Entries

If you need entries removed from your pool then keep them marked as unpaid, so they are split off from the paid entries, and email the details to me so I can remove them for you.

Thanks very much for using the website! If you have any questions then please ask. Now on to hockey!


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