NFL Survivor and Pick'em Reminders


Good morning! I hope you are ready for football - and better than last Thursday's Packers-Bears game! Thankfully there was women's tennis to watch instead! LOL.

This email for everyone in our NFL Survivor and NFL Pick'em pools, including public or private pools. Thanks for joining! Here are some important notes and reminders:

PIck'em Pools

There are no default picks assigned for pick'em pools. If you miss the Thursday game, then make your other picks before Sunday to prevent a zero for the week.

Survivor Pools

If no pick is submitted prior to the deadline, then a default pick will be assigned a maximum of once per entry for the length of the pool. If an entry already used a default pick in a previous week, then no pick is assigned and the entry takes a wrong pick for that week.

The default pick will be the team with the best (most favoured) point spread line for the week of the games played on Sunday only scheduled after the weekly pick deadline.

Pick Reminders

The website automatically sends weekly pick reminder emails, starting next week, but you must have it checked in your member profile to receive them. If you aren't sure, then login, click your username and go to Edit Profile. Make sure "Pick Reminders / Auto-Email Results" is checked.

If you still don't receive them, then it is possible you unsubscribed from all emails. Let me know and I can check. Once you make your pick(s) for the week then the reminders stop. You can always change your pick(s) any time up the deadline.

Private Pool Commissioners

Extra thanks if you created your own private NFL pool. If you ever have any questions or issues with your private pool, then contact me and we will get it figured out ASAP. Note however I do not give out any member information like full names and email addresses.

And Colin I haven't forgot the suggestion to make the Monday Night Football tie-breaker optional, I just haven't had time to make that a reality yet. Hopefully this week.

Public Pay-to-Play Pools

Our two main survivor pools are sold out but if there is a point spread pick'em that starts next week. I split our pick'em pools into a series of three five-week pools running Week 2 to 6, 7 to 11 and 12 to 16. Details:

5-Week Point Spread
NFL Pick'em (Wk 2-6)

$22 · 100% paid out · Full Rules

Pick all games against the spread each week. Most correct picks win the week

Week 2 start

Weekly 1st place 12% (*5 = 60%)
Overall 1st place 25%, 2nd place 15%

Thanks and have a great Sunday!


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