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MOP Women's World Cup France 2019

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This is our free entry public pool for the FIFA Women's World Cup!

First game and deadline to join the pool is June 7th.
Pool Comments Comment Board
Mike (Jul 2 '19): We have some amazingly impressive brackets at the top of this pool. Now down to four teams!
Mike (Jun 26 '19): Took me until late last night to realize I should x out the team that didn't qualify for the knockout round. Okay, that is done. On the quarter-finals!
Mike (Jun 24 '19): Let me find your entry and take a look
pacepanther (Jun 23 '19): I am confused. I correctly picked Spain to finish 2nd in Group B and I picked USA to finish 1st in Group F. Spain and USA are playing today in the knockout round. Why do my picks show both teams advancing to the Quarter Finals? Inconceivable!
pacepanther (Jun 20 '19): Thailand vs Chile was pure drama. Go Nigeria Go!
pacepanther (Jun 20 '19): Thailand vs Chile was pure drama. Go Nigeria Go!
Mike (Jun 20 '19): Thanks pacepanther. Neat website.
pacepanther (Jun 19 '19): Sportsclubstats is a good source for checking up on your favourite teams Looks like Nigeria needs a lot of help!
Mike (Jun 15 '19): It is a little tough to figure out with the 3rd place finishers but I believe France, Germany, England, Netherlands and Canada have all guaranteed a spot in the Round of 16, so I gave out the minimum points earned for each of those teams. I will update again when the group standings are final.
Mike (Jun 13 '19): I thought I might have some points to hand out for each of France and Germany's 2-0 records, but they still are not guaranteed to go to the knockout round (as unlikely as that seems). So, we'll wait until there is certainty teams advance to the Round of 16.
Mike (Jun 11 '19): My Australia to the final four takes a hit and worried about Canada scoring enough goals.
Mike (Jun 7 '19): Closing in on 600 entries. 3 hours to kickoff!
Mike (Jun 6 '19): Actually looks like we are down to only 400 now after I removed some #2 and #3 entries. Limit 1 entry per person in this pool.
Mike (Jun 6 '19): 1 day! And we might top 500 entries here, which is pretty cool.
Mike (Jun 5 '19): 2 days!
Mike (Jun 3 '19): Looking for some help to fill in your bracket? Here are the current world team rankings:
Mike (May 25 '19): Hate to announce this but it seems we had a small mistake with the matchups in the original bracket table. That is corrected now, but if you click "Edit Picks" you might notice some blank spots as a result. Please check your bracket and update prior to the June 7th deadline. Sorry for the error!
Mike (May 24 '19): 2 weeks! If anyone would like to play for a little money and support my daughter's soccer team, you can find that pool here:
Mike (May 22 '19): Now 16 days to the start of the Women's World Cup! If anyone out there - private pool commissioners or players - have any questions then let me know. You can tweet @MyOfficePoolca, message at our Facebook page or email
Mike (May 14 '19): 24 days on the countdown clock. Going to send a member's newsletter this morning to let people know about our FIFAWWC pools.
Mike (Apr 23 '19): Mike created the pool

Rules Summary

Fill in the bracket by picking all teams that qualify for the knockout round based on their group stage standings, and pick the winner of each knockout round game all the way to the World Cup Final.

You will earn points for selecting the correct team for each round of the bracket. Points are awarded according to the following tables:

Knockout Round Qualifiers (Based on Group Standings)

 Group winnerGroup 2nd placeGroup 3rd place
Finish as predicted 5 4 3
Otherwise qualifies 3 2 1

Points are only awarded for teams that qualify for the knockout round.

For an example of the above points table, if you pick France to win Group A and they win Group A, then you earn 5 points for that pick. Alternatively, if you pick France to win Group A and they do not win the group, but qualify for the knockout round, then you earn 3 points.

If you pick Spain to finish second in Group B and they finish second in the group, then you earn 4 points for that pick. Alternatively, if you pick Spain to finish second in Group B and they do not finish second in the group, but qualify for the knockout round, then you earn 2 points.

Knockout Round Matches

Round of 16Quarter-FinalSemi-FinalFinal3rd Place
5 10 15 20 12

Contestants are ranked after each round based on total points from highest to lowest. Pool winners are declared after the World Cup Final.

Important Points

Pick Deadline

The deadline for joining the pool is Friday June 7, 2019 at 3:00 pm Eastern, kickoff of the opening game of the World Cup.

Point Scoring

Each team that you pick to win a particular match does not need to be playing the team you predicted them to face for you to score points for the win.

Incomplete or Invalid Picks Form

If you submit an incomplete picks form, or an invalid picks form (such as selecting the same team in the same round more than once), then the picks will still be entered in the pool but you will receive zero points for the blank or invalid picks.

Alternate Pick Submission

If you are having difficulty submitting your pick online, then send the pick by email to Make sure to clearly state the name of the pool, your username, entry number, round of the pool and pick. The email must be received time stamped prior to the deadline and from the email account associated with your username.

We take no responsibility for email being delayed past the deadline or not being delivered. Everyone should use the online system to make their picks and only send an email in the case of an emergency.

Entertainment Purposes

This pool service is provided for entertainment purposes only.

If you join a private pool that requires an entry fee and/or is playing for cash or cash equivalent prizes, it is the responsibility of the private pool commissioner to collect entry fees and distribute prizes to the winners at the conclusion of the pool., Inc. is not responsible for the collection of entry fees or payment of prizes for any private pools.

As a word of caution, be careful joining a private pool with an entry fee unless you know and can trust the private pool commissioner.

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