Mike's $25 Entry NHL 2x Survivor II

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Round 2! This one starts Saturday January 8th. Same format as our early season pool, it is double knockout - two strikes and you are out! Last person standing is the winner.

$25 per entry (plus $2). Winner takes all, to be determined once we know the final number of entries. Pay via Interac or PayPal

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Mike (Jan 16): No strikes!
Mike (Jan 13): The schedule changes are killing me, so best to try to laugh about it, right? :)
JERJER (Jan 13): Haha - you’re killing me Mike! Thanks for organising this by the way! Tonnes of fun!
Mike (Jan 12): In case anyone is wondering why the OTT-EDM game is not on our schedule, it is because it is a rescheduled game. Hard for me to add a game to the existing schedule, because some people may have already made their pick for the week. And presumably no one would want to pick between two bad teams anyway, right?
Mike (Jan 9): I had checked in advance of that message. And no, no one picked the Sens. There were some Canucks picks including my own.
JERJER (Jan 8): “If you picked the Canucks, then make sure to make a new pick…”. What if someone picked Sens? Ha. As if. No one would do that…
Mike (Jan 8): Will do.
pacepanther (Jan 8): Thanks Mike.
pacepanther (Jan 8): Please delete pacepanther #2. Paid for pacepanther #1.
Mike (Jan 8): I'm going with the biggest favourite, Preds at Yotes.
Mike (Jan 8): Nice turnout!
Mike (Jan 7): Okay, I should be all caught up on the paid entries. Will clean up the extra unpaid entries tomorrow.
Skol nation (Jan 7): Hey mike I’m all paid up for 2 entries. Sorry didn’t mean to do the third and fourth, idk what happened. Please remove my third and fourth picks, thanks!
EthanB10 (Jan 7): Me and NateDawg are both paid mike
Mike (Jan 7): Schedule at NHL.com is updated, that game is postponed. If you picked the Canucks, then make sure to make a new pick before the Saturday deadline.
Mike (Jan 7): I see on Twitter some mention of potential OTT-VAN postponement. Waiting for confirmation.
Mike (Jan 6): Ha ha. Rookies... sheesh :D
JERJER (Jan 6): I’m in. Thanks Mike. Exactly - what else are we supposed to do? Work? Freg that. Sent donations for one entry in this one and one entry in the other one. I think accidentally registered twice for each (survivor and pick ‘em), uno - cause It’s my first time on this site, first time using the internet computer - and the keyboard mouse. Ffff. Can you delete the #2s in each please? Thanks and let’s go hockey!
Mike (Jan 6): I submitted my donation. Who is going to take it?
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All Entries

Current Round
beave44 VGK COL
Bobby Orr VGK FLA
Brady2019 WSH BOS
Brady2019 #2 VGK COL
Brady2019 #3 NSH LA
clintitans VGK COL
cneilson TB CAR
dangle [NP] WSH
Drorz1 NSH BOS
Drorz1 #2 CBJ CAR
Elion7 PHI COL
Elion7 #2 VGK BOS
EthanB10 NSH CAR
Hubert VGK COL
Hubert #2 VGK COL
Hubert #4 VGK COL
Johnny hockey FLA TB
Kenwood VGK PIT
NateDawg NSH TB
One Fish NSH COL
pacepanther VGK COL
Phildoux COL FLA
Phildoux #2 NSH COL
Pigskin53 NSH COL
Pigskin53 #2 TB LA
Rompapalle MIN TB
Sabers2316 NSH BOS
Sheilagh VGK COL
Skol nation NSH COL
Skol nation #2 VGK FLA
Space4leafs VGK FLA
Space4leafs #2 COL CAR
Steelers2021 VGK COL
T-Hawk #2 NYR CAR
Wakes99 PIT FLA
Wakes99 #2 NSH COL

D = Default pick assigned · [NP] = No pick submitted