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I wasn't sure about starting a new 2022 hockey pool because, you know, Covid. Then realized there isn't anywhere to go or much to do, we need some distraction in our lives!

Round 2 of our MOP **Saturday** pick'em and survivor hockey pools start January 8th. This is our free entry survivor pool.

Pick one team a week from the Saturday NHL schedule to win. If they win, then you get a check mark. If they lose, then you get a strike. Once you get TWO strikes (hence the double knockout), you're out! Cannot pick the same team twice.

The weekly pick deadline is 7:00 pm Eastern on Saturdays but earlier games must be picked before opening puck drop. This pool is open to all members. Limit 1 entry per member. Good luck! Also join free entry pick'em pool.
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Mike (Jan 16): We only lost two Saturday, one on the default (and I did think ANA would win). On to next week.
Mike (Jan 12): In case anyone is wondering why the OTT-EDM game is not on our schedule, it is because it is a rescheduled game. Hard for me to add a game to the existing schedule, because some people may have already made their pick for the week. And presumably no one would want to pick between two bad teams anyway, right?
Mike (Jan 9): I almost picked Vegas. When I later heard it was Fleury's first game back there, it was a good time to expect an upset.
Mike (Jan 8): I'm going with the biggest favourite, Preds at Yotes.
Mike (Jan 7): Schedule at is updated, that game is postponed. If you picked the Canucks, then make sure to make a new pick before the Saturday deadline.
Mike (Jan 7): I see on Twitter some mention of potential OTT-VAN postponement. Waiting for confirmation.
Mike (Jan 6): Okay, let's fire up another hockey survivor pool, and see how long I can last this time.
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allelite NSH COL
antique roadshow PIT LA
Bayman231 VGK FLA
bbraid NSH COL
Blunder74 NSH CAR
Bobby Orr VGK FLA
Capeislander NSH COL
ccstyles NSH COL
chubbypanda PIT FLA
ehathaway NSH LA
Elion7 VGK FLA
franers TB PIT
gates302 DET TB
goflames NSH COL
GrandmaMac PIT TOR
habscoach NSH COL
itsvegasmax NSH BOS
Jack59 NSH CAR
johnny1221 LA BOS
Kenwood VGK PIT
Kinzie VGK LA
liamspicks FLA COL
Lilpig LA FLA
Lyonshark NSH PIT
One Fish NSH COL
pacepanther LA CAR
Parrotpower1234 VGK COL
Phillyfan27 NSH FLA
Scorpio24 NSH COL
szuram TB COL
taproot01us NSH LA
test1234 VGK NYR
toddler65 TB COL
tomcatmc VGK FLA
Wakes99 NYR COL
Winterpegger NSH FLA
worm5511 PIT FLA
out (Jan-15)
out (Jan-15)

D = Default pick assigned · [NP] = No pick submitted