Mike's $25 Entry NHL 2x Survivor

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This is double knockout - two strikes and you are out! This one runs until we have a winner. Then we'll start another if there is time.

$25 per entry (plus $2). Winner takes all, to be determined once we know the final number of entries. Pay via Interac or PayPal

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Mike (Oct 18): Psst... keep it under wraps. Promised to keep his celebrity status quiet.
JERJER (Oct 16): Holy smokes! Johnny hockey is in this pool!!! It’s legally gotta be the real one too! “ Gaudreau filed a has a trademark for "Johnny Hockey" in Canada and the U.S. due to concerns people would abuse his nickname for their own marketing gain”
What an honour!
Mike (Oct 16): I see one Sabres and one Yotes pick from the early game. We're going to have our first "x" right away. Game is 1-1 right now with under 2:00 to go.
Mike (Oct 15): Good turnout in here. We usually have about 10 hockey diehards in these pools.
Mike (Oct 12): Are you ready for some hockey? I'll send another email out today or Wednesday to try to drum up some more entries in the pool.
Mike (Oct 6): Mike updated the pool
Mike (Oct 6): Mike updated the pool
40 alive · 0 out · 40 total

All Entries

Current Round
beave44 BOS
Bobby Orr EDM
Borje21 ARI
Brady2019 EDM
Brady2019 #2 COL
Brownie TOR
clintitans BOS
cneilson COL
DrCoop WPG
Drorz1 TOR
Drorz1 #2 TOR
Elion7 TOR
Elion7 #2 TOR
Elion7 #3 LA
fitzhatrick WPG
GrandmaHatesTech 1 CBJ
GrandmaHatesTech 2 BUF
Hubert TOR
Hubert #2 TOR
Hubert #4 BOS
Johnny hockey WPG
kingryguy CBJ
Miamimac PIT
Miamimac #2 TOR
Miamimac #3 COL
Mike BOS
Moir TOR
One Fish COL
Phildoux BOS
Pigskin53 CBJ
Rompapalle BOS
Sabers2316 WPG
Sheilagh BOS
Steelers2021 TOR
Steelers2021 #2 BOS
T-Hawk COL
T-Hawk #2 PIT
Wakes99 CAR

D = Default pick assigned · [NP] = No pick submitted