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NHL is a little weird this year with the half-season, new divisions, and schedule, but let's get through the weird together as best we can. This is our free entry survivor pool.

Pick one team a week from the Saturday NHL schedule to win. If they win, then you get a checkmark. If they lose, then you get a strike. Once you get TWO strikes (hence the double knockout), you're out! Cannot pick the same team twice.

The weekly pick deadline is 7:00 pm Eastern on Saturdays but earlier games must be picked before opening puck drop. This pool is open to all members. Limit 1 entry per member. Good luck! Also join free entry pick'em pool.
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Mike (Jan 16): I am going with Vegas because I really miss going there!
Mike (Jan 16): Today is the day folks! With only a few days of games to assess the teams, who are your best survivor picks for tonight?
Mike (Jan 12): Ha. Yes sort of, but more like a trial week - get it wrong or get it right it does not matter. Whatever, I'll be pulling a name out of a hat for Sat and see how it goes.
Smallmarketmen (Jan 12): you mean like a triple knockout pool
Mike (Jan 12): I almost wonder if the first week should be a complete mulligan for everyone. I have no idea who to pick. Complete crapshoot.
Mike (Jan 7): Mike updated the pool
Mike (Jan 6): Mike created the pool
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Current Round
1960yankees VGK
antique roadshow CAR
Bayman231 CAR
bbraid VGK
bclion999 VGK
Benjamin BOS
Benjamin 2019 VGK
Benjamin Belcour CAR
binionben EDM
Brady2019 VGK
Burkey MTL
Capeislander BOS
Cheticamp VGK
CinkoGolfer VGK
Clemwad CAR
cleo12 CAR
cneilson EDM
Coellz ARI
Coreysteger VGK
DeaconH97 CAR
Ditka NSH
Dreaded VGK
Dunndee BOS
ehathaway MIN
ezcollectibles VGK
FFJeffSmith VGK
fitzhatrick ARI
franers NYI
Garyrocket EDM
gates302 VGK
Giveitago MIN
gloveside VGK
goflames CAR
Goldenpicks TOR
GrandmaMac TOR
habscoach NYR
Hufsky83 VGK
Italia11 VGK
Jack59 VGK
Jacks leafs VGK
john rollo ARI
Johnny5 VGK
jsmithRN4L CGY
Jujai58 CAR
Kaotik NSH
kingryguy BOS
kk389 VGK
Kopasetic CAR
leafer58 VGK
Leafs2018 CAR
liamspicks VGK
Lilpig EDM
Luis Suarez ate my hamster VGK
Mallon16 TOR
MannyS CGY
massmatt CAR
Mike VGK
MixrHockey MIN
Mondesi TOR
Nhass96 VGK
Nippyslippers VGK
NobleEskimo MIN
One Fish VGK
OxtobyWins1987 TOR
pacepanther VGK
Parrotpower1234 BOS
Phildoux BOS
Pigskin53 BOS
Pipes1821 VGK
Rod477 VGK
Rompapalle VGK
Sir Rodney VGK
Smallmarketmen VGK
snowman222 VGK
Stackfriese CAR
szuram VGK
T-Hawk VAN
taproot01us VGK
TBone32 TOR
Tcgpay12 TOR
test1234 VGK
timanaters MIN
TinoLettieri Fan VAN
tomcatmc VGK
Whiskeyhut170 VGK
Winterpegger VGK
wphillips NYR
Yamanyak VGK
ZoomZoom BOS

D = Default pick assigned · [NP] = No pick submitted