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Mike's Road to Stanley Classic

Private Pool Created By Member Mike
Commish Message
$22 per entry - $20 to the prize pool + $2 to cover transaction fees
Prizes 57.5% 1st, 27.5% 2nd and 15% 3rd
Entry deadline is Friday April 12 at 7:00pm Eastern

Last year we had 50 entries for payouts of $575, $275 and $150. 10-year old member CCCP - Tyson is our reigning champ. Let's do this!
Pool Comments Comment Board
Mike (Jun 13 '19): Congrats portuash #4 winning the pool! The entry edged out the top scorer in our public pool, ngoel23. Mastrana1 finishes 3rd. Close race to the end... for those who still had a chance since mid-May. Weird year! Hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the playoffs regardless.
Mike (Jun 13 '19): Yep, sorry RM! Do I need to triple check the player points? Stamkos and Kucherov really sunk you. 4 stinking points between them.
RedMachine (Jun 13 '19): One point from the money, oh the humanity!
Mike (Jun 3 '19): Not a single person in here had Tony Krug. For shame! :p
Mike (May 28 '19): About time I finally calculated what I need to pay out to the winners next week. 70 entries means $805 for 1st, $385 for 2nd and $210 for 3rd. Pretty good!
Mike (May 28 '19): I am with you RedMachine!
RedMachine (May 23 '19): Go Blues. And that's all I have to say about that.
Mike (May 22 '19): I am now officially all-in having lost Logan Couture last night. Good luck to all of those still in the running for top 3!
Mike (May 14 '19): Thought the Blues were going to blow it last night giving up the two quick goals to Couture.
Mike (May 9 '19): I am up to 18th! And all-in except Logon Couture. Mastrana cracks 100 points and is in 1st place, looking pretty good with a Sharks-Bruins final.
Mike (May 5 '19): Bruins and Sharks win last night for a 3-2 series lead. Stars could clinch against the Blues today. Getting closer to the final four. If you noticed issues with the player points the last couple days you're right, there was a stats problem. I believe that is now fixed but if you notice any other issues then please let me know. Thanks!
Mike (Apr 24 '19): Who stayed up last night to watch the end of Golden Knights-Sharks? Crazy! (I did not - past my bedtime.)
Mike (Apr 23 '19): Thought the Preds might pull that one out last night to give us four Game 7s. Even two sweeps and three Game 7s... very weird playoffs this year.
Mike (Apr 20 '19): Updated for Calgary bowing out to the Avalanche this morning. I couldn't stay awake to watch it so late. It sure looks like they didn't put up much of a fight.
CCCP (Apr 17 '19): That's not a bad idea. I get 5% commission :).
How he picked Stone is beyond me.
Mike (Apr 16 '19): Tyson at the top of the table again this year! Dmitry, should I just give him access to my online betting account?
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