MOP 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket

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Stanley Cup Playoffs time! This is our free entry public pool (see: Mike's $22 entry pool).

Fill in a bracket picking all of the series winners, number of games plus 5 skaters. Playoffs start Wednesday, April 10 but our deadline to join or edit your picks is Friday, April 12.

I still have some Tim Horton's hockey cards! Bragging rights, Tim's cards, and an official MOP t-shirt to the member with the top score after the Stanley Cup Finals. Enjoy and good luck!
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Mike (Jun 13 '19): Congrats St. Louis Blues and their fans! Congrats member ngoel23!
Mike (Jun 3 '19): If ngoel23 wins this having not actually picked the Stanley Cup winner that would be really impressive. Needs a Blues win of course. Closest entry that picked the Blues is Bleeding Blue (fitting) down in 14th with 101 points.
Mike (May 28 '19): Stupid Bruins :p
Mike (May 22 '19): I see that. Awesome first round but your player points are pulling you down.
pacepanther (May 14 '19): pacepanther picked 7 out of 8 in 1st round and has the Blues to win. Schenn needs to go on a tear.
Mike (May 14 '19): snow1900 didn't even get a 5th player (probably picked 3 from the same team), yet still well in 1st place. Way to handicap yourself for the challenge :)
Mike (May 9 '19): Conference Finals are set! We've got some Bruins support and Sharks support at the top of the pool. If those two teams advance it will come down to which of those teams hoists the Cup. Not seeing a lot of Canes or Blues on a quick scan. markymark has Canes in the finals.
Mike (May 5 '19): Bruins and Sharks win last night for a 3-2 series lead. Stars could clinch against the Blues today. Getting closer to the final four. If you noticed issues with the player points the last couple days you're right, there was a stats problem. I believe that is now fixed but if you notice any other issues then please let me know. Thanks!
Mike (Apr 24 '19): Holy what did I miss last night??? 4 goal power-play for the Sharks to overcome a 3-0 deficit, finally win the series in OT. Wow.
Mike (Apr 20 '19): Down goes Calgary! This is a freaking mess this year.
Mike (Apr 16 '19): If only we awarded points for PIMs and suspensions.
Mike (Apr 16 '19): Big question for tonight... will Kucherov get me a single point before the Lightning get knocked out of the playoffs???
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