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Mike's $22 Entry Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket

Private Pool Created By Member Mike
Commish Message
The same format as the free entry public pool, except this one is $22 per entry - $20 towards the prize pool paid out 100%, $2 to cover bank transfer fees.

fitzhatrick won it all last year even not picking the Stanley Cup winner. A few people picked Vegas.

Payouts for this pool after the Stanley Cup Finals. Payouts last year: 156 entries * $20 = $3,120; 1st $1,410 (45%), 2nd $710, 3rd $375, 4th $250, 5th $150, 6th $100, 7th $75, and 8th $50. Similar this year, depending on number of entries. Maybe Top 10 with 150+.
Pool Comments · Comment Board
Mike (Jun 19): Another game! Sorry Ramon.
Mike (Jun 16): Well that added more to the player points didn’t it? Back to Florida for Game 5.
Mike (Jun 14): Did not win the must-win. Ramon is a game away from jumping into 1st place and winning this pool.
Mike (Jun 12): An extra day to wait for must-win night in Edmonton.
Mike (Jun 8): Game 1 tonight! A lot could happen to shake up our leaderboard. A mix of EDM and FLA picks in our Top 20. schrader45 can't catch Hubert as he is short Barkov. One-time leader AHSaund can't earn any more series points but has Verhaeghe.
Mike (Jun 2): Shake up at the top of the board with the Oilers clinching. Credit to the Stars, they fought hard. Could not buy a goal for a long time, finally got the one but not two to send it to OT. Oilers-Panthers Stanley Cup Finals! We have to wait until Saturday for game 1. C'mon NHL.
Mike (Jun 2): Payouts: 184 entries * $20 = $3,680 ... 1st $1,400, 2nd $780, 3rd $400, 4th $300, 5th $250, 6th $200, 7th $150, 8th $100, 9th $50, 10th $50
Mike (Jun 1): Yep! NOT going 7. Right about the time I posted that is started to look like Rangers and Stars are running out of gas. See if the Oilers can close it out tomorrow.
Hsaund (Jun 1): Florida in 6!
Mike (May 30): Both of these series are going to 7 and would probably go to 9 and 11 if we let them keep playing.
Mike (May 29): I missed the OT last night. Didn't get back from intermission fast enough.
Mike (May 27): I completely whiffed watching the Rangers-Panthers game yesterday with the mid-afternoon Sunday start. Now 2 of 3 games in that series decided in OT. 1 of 2 in the other series. OT tonight?
Mike (May 21): Conference Finals are set. I stayed up for the game last night and now I'm dragging today. At least Canucks made it interesting late. Dewy jumps into 1st thanks to picking Oilers in 7.
Mike (May 20): Big game tonight! A lot of Oilers picks at the top of the board.
Mike (May 18): Stars clinch. AHSaund and Dewy tied for first with one second round series to be decided.
Mike (May 16): We have a new leader!
Mike (May 16): Rangers win! Great game.
Mike (May 15): I had Florida in 5. Come on! Stupid Bruins.
Mike (May 14): Carolina is not ready to pack it in just yet! Colorado on the ropes.
Mike (May 12): Going to be a shake up at the top of our board if Rangers can clinch.
Mike (May 10): Carolina didn't get it. Rangers are rolling and that side of my bracket is looking good.
Mike (May 9): 1-1 score through two. Carolina needs this one.
Mike (May 8): Double OT, Rangers get the win and 2-0 series lead.
Mike (May 5): A handful of 8 for 8 on the series picks. Nice job. On to Round 2 starting Monday.
Mike (May 4): Agree, sucked. Great effort to force a Game 7 but once again, what a way to lose.

Picks for Cookie19, Entry #1 Total Points: 143 Rank: 105th


Round 1

Round 2

Conference Finals

Stanley Cup Final


Chris Kreider, NYR +12 Artemi Panarin, NYR +15 Wyatt Johnston, DAL +16 Brad Marchand, BOS +10 Jason Robertson, DAL +16


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