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Hockey Playoffs Pools

Welcome to our Hockey Playoffs Pools!

Pick all the playoff series winners to the Stanley Cup Finals, plus 5 players to earn points for goals and assists.

These pools are currently unavailable, but will return next season!

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MOP Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket


Entry Fee
FREE to enter
Bragging rights
Wed Apr 19, 7:00 pm Eastern
# of Entries

Commish Message Stanley Cup Playoffs time! This is our free entry public pool (see: Mike's $22 entry pool).

Fill in a bracket picking all of the series winners, number of games plus 5 skaters. Playoffs are expected to start April 18. We usually push the deadline a couple days after the start, but I'll wait for the schedule release to decide.

I am out of MOP t-shirts, and I never get around to mailing Tim Horton's hockey cards, so let's do a $50 prize to the member with the top score after the Stanley Cup Finals. Enjoy and good luck!

Help Q&A

A private pool is a pool you create, name yourself and invite people you know to participate in. You may choose to create a pool as a fun activity for your co-workers or as a fundraiser for a charity or kids’ sports team.

MyOfficePool.ca provides a service that allows you to create and operate the pool. We provide the website and perform all updates. Our private pool service is currently free. MyOfficePool.ca does not collect entry fees or distribute prizes for private pools. That is the commissioner’s responsibility should they choose to do that for their particular pool.

A public pool is a pool operated by MyOfficePool.ca and open to all registered members, subject to the specific pool’s terms and conditions. There is typically an entry fee and prize structure for our public pools if members purchase a premium access entry.

If you created a private pool, or if you are participating in a private pool and want to invite others to join, make sure to include the unique web link to the specific pool in your communications. Take advantage of the share buttons provided on your private pool results page to share the link across social networks or via email.

To join a private pool you will need the person who invites you to send you the unique web link to the specific pool. Use that link to visit the pool, and then upon registering a free member account and logging in on that page, then you will see the appropriate button to join the pool.

At this time, members who create a private pool cannot input other member usernames or email addresses for the website to store and track invitations. Only visiting the unique web link will allow members to join that pool.

Log in to your member account. Once a member joins any pool, then links appear under the member’s username in the upper-right main navigation bar, and in the secondary navigation and main page for each sports-pool type, when they are logged in.

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