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Mike's $25 Entry NHL Pick'em II

Public Pool Created By MyOfficePool.ca
Commish Message
Weekly Winners ยท Go to: Mike's $25 Entry NHL Survivor II
Jan 8 - beave44
Jan 15 - One Fish
Jan 22 - cneilson
Jan 29 - Drorz1
Feb 12 - Bobby Orr, clintitans, Elion7, Sabers2316 (4-way tie)
Feb 19 - Bobby Orr, dangle, Sabers2316 (3-way tie)
Feb 26 - Space4leafs
Mar 5 - Rompapalle
Mar 12 - JERJER
Mar 19 - beave44
Mar 26 - Pigskin53
Apr 2 - Sabers2316
Apr 9 - cleo12, dangle, Moir (3-way tie)
Apr 16 - beave44
Apr 23 - Space4leafs

Pick'em all, every Saturday. Watch out for the early games, there is at least one early game every week. Deadline for all other picks is 7:00 pm Eastern.

$25 per entry (plus $2), runs for 13 weeks from Sat Jan 8th through Sat Apr 23rd.

Weekly and overall payouts, to be determined once we know the final number of entries. Pay via Interac or PayPal


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