Mike's $27 Entry NFL Playoffs Survivor

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I don't remember doing one of these last year but because you demanded (at least two spoke up), we'll do one this year!

It is NFL Playoffs. It is SURVIVOR format - pick one team to win each round of the playoffs - and if your team wins you move on. If your team loses, you're out!

Cannot pick the same team twice, so you will run out of teams unless you plan accordingly. Make sure to read the rules page for how the tie-breakers work at the end if/when people run out of teams.

We probably won't get a big turnout given late start, but let's do $25 per entry (+$2 to cover bank charges) to play for something. Winner take all.
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Mike (08:06:38): Didn't lose anyone. Nice picking people.
Mike (Jan 17): A few Rams picks tonight. Are we going to lose anyone?
Mike (Jan 16): While I appreciate your support of the Bills picking them first week, I am a little put off your faith must end here (or you wouldn't have picked them) ;)
abg (Jan 15): Survivor pools are awesome. Simple/quick but more challenging and strategic than many think. Can work for NHL, NBA, World Cup, etc. Glad you got this going1
Mike (Jan 15): Good luck Brownie! More interest over here than I thought there would be. Noted. Props to abg and mightnightwriter for pushing me to do this one.
Brownie (Jan 14): Gonna win one of these pools...lol
Mike (Jan 14): Mike updated the pool
Mike (Jan 14): Mike created the pool
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abg BUF
bclub1378 CIN
Bobby Orr KC
bowzy12 TB
bowzy12 #2 CIN
Brownie BUF
Brownie #2 CIN
Charlieg CIN
Cookie19 KC
football rookie BUF
Garylevel3 KC
George75 KC
George75 #2 TB
George75 #3 CIN
George75 #4 KC
JohnClover1213 LAR
Kenwood BUF
LeMoose KC
midnightwriter LAR
midnightwriter #2 CIN
Mike CIN
mmhast1 CIN
MontrealBronco KC
One Fish LAR
willguilfoyle CIN

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