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Here is our annual pay-to-play NFL Playoffs pool! Pick the winner plus the margin of victory of every playoff game. The deadline to join is kickoff of the first game Wild-Card Weekend on Saturday, January 15th.

All are welcome. $22 Canadian per entry - $20 towards the prize pool and $2 to cover Interac or PayPal fees. Send to email address mike@myofficepool.ca. Payment is due prior to the start. No waiting to see how your picks do and then deciding to pay.

We tried #LamarForMVP in 2020, and #JoshAllenForMVP in 2021, neither of which worked. Let's roll with a simple #GoBills this time.
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Mike (11:51:18): Final count is 200 entries. For payouts, decided Top 5 is not enough spots, but Top 10 a couple too many. Settled on Top 8 as follows: 1st $1,800 (45%), 2nd $900, 3rd $500, 4th $300, 5th $200, 6th $150, 7th $100, and 8th $50.
Mike (08:04:01): Hi Lizzy. The bracket shows the way you picked the teams. Had Philly won, they would have played Green Bay.
Lizzysport (06:54:07): Ok so I’m confused about the re-seeding here. Regardless Of which teams I picked should the system not be showing the correct match-ups?? I picked Philly to beat TB not my best moment but why is Philly showing up as GB’s opponent in the divisional?
Lizzysport (Jan 16): Agreed! they played like this was a reg season game!! Dumb ass play at the end.
Mike (Jan 16): Cowboys are such idiots.
Mike (Jan 16): No, this pool is designed for all picks up front before the playoffs start.
miamid45 (Jan 16): Can we reset margin in 2nd round?
Mike (Jan 16): Wow Buffalo! Never in my wildest dreams would I expect 7 possessions, 7 touchdowns, against the Patriots!
Mike (Jan 16): Picks are locked at the deadline. Now, if it is obvious an entry wasn't filled in correctly (missing picks, none of the margins set), then I will consider case-by-case whether to update. Please email me.
Seahawks420 (Jan 15): Anyway to change scores of games that havnt happened yet ?
slackavelli (Jan 15): 2% is only $73.60 CAD. anything less really isn't a win.
slackavelli (Jan 15): If there were 10 payouts, the bottom 5 payouts will be too small. How about 5 places paid? 45%, 25%, 15%, 10% & 5%. U could take 5% from the 2nd places payout and distribute it to 3% to 6th place and 2% to 7th.
Mike (Jan 15): And away we go!
Mike (Jan 15): Welcome Ross (and son). I was waiting to see how many entries we have before deciding. Last year we did had 137 entries and did Top 5, with 1st getting 50% and declining percentages after that. This year as we approach 200 entries I wonder if Top 10 might be more appropriate.
CowboysSuck (Jan 15): Hi Mike. Thanks for running this pool. My first time on here with my son so we're really excited for the playoffs. How does the prize payout work? - Thx! -Ross
Mike (Jan 15): Hi Frank. Entries get points for correct winning teams regardless if they play the team you expected them to play, so the re-seeding does not really cause a problem. If you picked two teams to win the next round and they happen to be playing each other, then certainly can only possibly get points for one of those teams, but that is par for the prediction game.
frankd06811 (Jan 15): If they re-seed, will the matchups change from round to round? If so, how does that work with our picks?
Mike (Jan 14): Okay, I cracked. Created a new survivor pool for the playoffs -> https://www.myofficepool.ca/football/survivor/results.php?p=3683
Mike (Jan 13): @midnightwriter Ha. Second person to ask me that. Wasn't sure how much interest we'd get. I'm stretched pretty thin lately, I'd better pass on it this year, sorry.
Mike (Jan 13): @slack Planned 2nd place is 25% which would already put it at $400. Sure thing, appreciate you spreading the word
slackavelli (Jan 13): Mike, hows about making a 2nd place prize of at least $400 CAD? We have 80 entries so far. I'm about to post your playoff pool on my FB page ok?. It might get U a few more entries in addition to the several more I suspect will sign up anyway prior the deadline
midnightwriter (Jan 13): Mike, can you run a survivor pool for the playoffs, too, please?
Mike (Jan 12): Over 80 entries, nice!
Mike (Jan 12): DILLY-DILLY changed their name to JENNA
Mike (Jan 11): Thanks Ethan. No, it doesn't have to be exact to get some points. There is a table on the rules page, but if it is exact you get 5 points. If it is within 1-3, then you get 3 points. If it is within 4-7, then you get 1 point. This is in addition to the points for getting the team correct.
NFL Playoffs

Pick the winner of every playoff game from Wild-Card Weekend through the Super Bowl.

Earn bonus points for guessing the margin of victory by the team you picked to win for each game.

Earn the most points correctly predicting the NFL Playoffs to win!

Rules Summary

Fill in the playoff tree form by picking winners in all the playoff games from Wild-Card Weekend right through to the Super Bowl.

For each game, input the margin of victory you expect the team you pick to win by.

You will earn points each round of the playoffs for selecting the correct winning team and bonus points for the accuracy of the margin of victory. Points are awarded according to the following tables:


Wild-CardDivisional PlayoffsConference ChampionshipsSuper Bowl
3 5 7 10

Margin of Victory

Low DifferenceHigh DifferencePoints
0 0 5
1 3 3
4 7 1
8 99 0

Margin of Victory Example:

You predict Buffalo to win their Wild-Card game by 3 points. They win the game 21-17, by 4 points.

The difference between the actual margin of victory (4) and your predicted margin of victory (3) is 1. This corresponds with the second row in the margin of victory box, 1 to 3 difference, and you score 3 bonus points.

Contestants will be ranked and winners declared after the Super Bowl based on total points from highest to lowest.

Important Points

Pick Deadline

The deadline for joining the pool is Saturday January 15, 2022 at 4:35 pm, the expected start of the first game of the Wild-Card round.

Point Scoring

Each team that you pick to win a particular round of the playoffs does not need to be playing the team you predicted them to face for you to score points for the win. Margin of victory points are only scored if you have the correct team winning the playoff game the margin of victory applies to.

Alternate Pick Submission

If you are having difficulty submitting your pick online, then send the pick by email to mike@myofficepool.ca. Make sure to clearly state the name of the pool, your username, entry number, round of the pool and pick. The email must be received time stamped prior to the deadline and from the email account associated with your username.

We take no responsibility for email being delayed past the deadline or not being delivered. Everyone should use the online system to make their picks and only send an email in the case of an emergency.