Mike's $22 Entry NFL Playoffs Pool #JoshAllenMVP

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Here is our annual pay-to-play NFL Playoffs pool! Pick the winner plus the margin of victory of every playoff game. The deadline to join is kickoff of the first game Wild-Card Weekend on Saturday, January 9th.

All are welcome. $22 Canadian per entry - $20 towards the prize pool and $2 to cover Interac or PayPal fees. Send to email address mike@myofficepool.ca. Payment is due prior to the start. No waiting to see how your picks do and then deciding to pay.

Our #LamarForMVP did not work a year ago but surely it will work for Josh Allen this year. Go Bills!
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Mike (Feb 7): Congrats Moir2 winning the pool!
Mike (Feb 7): Bucs win. Another Tom Brady MVP. Wish the game was more entertaining.
Mike (Feb 7): I think I forgot to send the email update for all playoffs pools after the Conference Championships. Too distraught from the Bills loss I think.
Mike (Jan 24): Another Tom Brady Super Bowl :(
Mike (Jan 17): Wow look at all the people picking Buffalo at the top of the table. It was really close Brownie. They had the momentum. Couldn't quite pull it off.
Brownie (Jan 17): Soooooooooo close!!!!!!!!! Damn
Mike (Jan 17): Browns-Chiefs game was full of surprises. Wow, it really looked like Browns were going to come back and win it. Chad Henne, Chiefs savior.
Mike (Jan 16): Sorry! I was so excited about the Bills game I completely forgot to update the pool for the Packers win. Give me a minute.
Cacciatorini (Jan 16): I'm James Harden. Give me 1st and second place right now and you can have my next 40 entries to give away..
Mike (Jan 16): Final tally, 137 entries gives us $2,740. 1st (50%) $1,370, 2nd (25%) $685, 3rd (12.5%) $342.50, 4th (7.5%) $205.50, and 5th (5%) $137.
Mike (Jan 16): Three-way tie for first after Wild-Card Weekend. Excuse me, "Super" Wild-Card Weekend. Gotta love the NFL's marketing machine. Between the three I'll be pulling for bquinless since he picked the Bills all the way. Go Bills!
Mike (Jan 11): LOL! I'm happy for you Brownie!
Brownie (Jan 11): Not a disaster!!! Along awaited miracle!!! Bring on KC!!!!
Mike (Jan 10): I am doing well, 5 of 6 right, but did not imagine PIT falling behind from their first snap to CLE. 5 turnovers! What a disaster.
Mike (Jan 9): I always get killed on the margin of victory!
Mike (Jan 9): The Bills game was stressful! I almost don't care what happens in the rest of the games. Almost.
Mike (Jan 9): Bills game soon! Don't let me down!
Mike (Jan 9): I pull the money out of PayPal once all or most is collected. Don't like it sitting there. Run some risk they could close the account arbitrarily anytime. Then I'm screwed!
Cacciatorini (Jan 9): That's why if I get money via paypal I have them send me a check immediately.. Which they also charge me for.. I don't leave it in because then they are also making money on the float...Brilliant business model..
Mike (Jan 9): Forgot to add, I suck at these pools too. Tend to pick all the favorites in round 2 so it feels like I'm still "in it" for at least two weeks. lol
Mike (Jan 9): Happy New Year JG! Yeah, I get hit with fees to receive funds through PayPal. I try to cover fees when I payout winners via PayPal since I am collecting $2 from each entry to cover fees. Had to start charging that because it became way to expensive to cover.
Cacciatorini (Jan 9): Just paid. Just one entry. I suck at these kind of pools. lol I sent it to your email. Does paypal hump both of us on fees? That's why I don't do fanduel anymore. They charge a vig to both players..
cman1130 (Jan 9): Thanks, Mike for all that you do with all these paid and free pools and leagues. Appreciate it!
Mike (Jan 8): Catching up on my emails now. I'm sure it is fine, but give me a few minutes to confirm.
PistolPete (Jan 8): Hello Mike, I also just joined and paid via interac e-transfer "PistolPete"