Mike's $22 Entry NFL Playoffs Pool #LamarForMVP

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NFL regular season is coming to a close, so let's get started thinking about NFL Playoffs! Here is my pay-to-play pool. I'll adjust the seeds until they are set, and you can come back and change your picks as needed.

Pick the winner plus the margin of victory of every playoff game. Deadline is kickoff of the first game Wild-Card Weekend on Saturday, January 4th.

This is run as a private pool but all are welcome to join. $22 Canadian per entry - $20 towards the prize pool and $2 to cover Interac or PayPal fees. Send to email address mike@myofficepool.ca. Payment is due prior to the start. No waiting to see how your picks do and then deciding to pay. That is not cool.

Go Bills!
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Mike (Feb 3): Yes congrats bevan99 on the big win! Plus Mean Machine for 2nd and a split of 3rd between portuash and schrader45. With the 49ers up 10, late, I did not expect the Chiefs comeback yet again.
SassySPA (Feb 3): Congrats bevan99! Excellent job with your picks.
Mike (Feb 2): Today is the day. Looks like swg vs. bevan99 for the title! Good luck gentlemen and everyone enjoy the game.
swg (Jan 21): Go 9ers! Keep my luck rolling!!!
Mike (Jan 19): 49ers win! Pool updated
Mike (Jan 19): Chiefs win!
Mike (Jan 15): Can't the guys in 6th move up?
swg (Jan 13): Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there are only 5 teams in the race at this point... Top three guys and the guys tied for 12th who have GB and Tenn included.
Mike (Jan 12): I don't mind the Titans but I'll be cheering for the Chiefs next week. I picked the Packers on the NFC side in the pool but think the 49ers are too strong for them.
SassySPA (Jan 12): Looks like only 28 entries left after Baltimore loss. Go Titans. What a fun team to watch!
Mike (Jan 11): Titans by 16 over the Ravens! Huge upset.
Mike (Jan 6): Final tally, 102 entries! That is $2,040 total collected and, somehow, I failed to include the payouts in the commish message. But, I did include them in the email. Had I know we'd get so many entries I probably would have gone Top 5, but the email said Top 3 paid out 57.5% 1st ($1,173), 27.5% 2nd ($561) and 15% 3rd ($306).
Mike (Jan 5): Phil's in 1st... but picked Buffalo all the way. lol. Enjoy it for the week Phil!
Mike (Jan 5): Woo hoo. I am getting some points with the Eagles win.
Mike (Jan 5): Not a good start in the pool and loss by the Bills. Damn Deshaun Watson. I used to like him.
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