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Commish Message Feb 6: No big comeback needed here. Congrats mikeadamson! Mike basically lead this thing tape-to-tape with perfect picks to win the contest. We had two other entries with perfect picks - Wiudavis and FlyRyanFly #2 - but slightly fewer margin of victory points to place them second and third, respectively. yabodez finishes fourth while kingryguy and sturge33 tied for fifth.

No surprise, we had a ton of New England picks, but no one could have expected a game like that one. What a way to finish off the year. Thanks for playing, and hopefully we can roll out Draft Buddy for 2017 sooner than later for you true fantasy football degenerates out there. Enjoy the offseason!
- - -
Jan 23: I see four entries with perfect picks through the Conference Championships, which is pretty darn impressive. Take a bow, mikeadamson, tous32, Wiudavis and FlyRyanFly.

tous32, along with timanators, currently in second place, picked the Falcons to win the Super Bowl. The other three, the Patriots. That is our current Top 5, followed closely by a host of Pats picks and the occasional Falcons who could potentially crack the Top 5 in two weeks.

Man, I was hoping for some more entertaining football games yesterday. That was a downer. Now I pretty much don't care who wins and instead hope for the Super Bowl to be decided by a touchdown or less. Ah, who am I kidding? Go Falcons! Or more specifically, not the Patriots! Ha ha.
- - -
Jan 16: Nice, I moved up to 28th after the divisional round, but having picked the Cowboys to go all the way, my remaining upward mobility is severely limited. Great Sunday of football with close games between Packers-Cowboys, Steelers-Chiefs. Saturday was more on the meh side but heck of a Sunday.

mikeadamson continues his perfect picks to hold on to the #1 spot, followed closely by timanators, then tompolaski and tous32. Some Patriots-Falcons love at the very top of our leaderboard, and we have all four remaining teams picked as Super Bowl winners amongst our current top 5 entries. This one is coming down to the big game. Enjoy the Conference Championships this weekend! %more% - - -

Jan 9: Ouch. 86 entries and I am way down in 54th, having picked the Raiders who, IMHO, did a poor job game planning versus the Texans. Book it, the Texans will get smoked next week. Wow the line is already Pats -16.

Congrats to mikeadamson who is all alone at the top of our leaderboard with 20 points, hitting exactly correct the margin of victory for the Steelers plus earning a few more from the Texans win. The bonus points were hard to come by with all of the double digit wins. Hopefully the Divisional Round provides some closer games. Thanks everyone for joining the contest.

- - -

Welcome to the FREE ENTRY NFL Playoffs Pool sponsored by Draft Buddy, home of handy tools for fantasy football and fantasy baseball players.

Join the pool by filling in the entire playoff bracket, picking all of the winners and margins of victory. Earn points for your correct picks and the top point earners after the Super Bowl win prizes courtesy of Draft Buddy.

The prizes are 1st Place: $100, 2nd Place: $50, 3rd Place: $25 plus 1st to 5th Place each win a free copy of the 2017 version of fantasy football Draft Buddy.

Limit 2 entries per person BUT your second entry only counts if you Like Draft Buddy on Facebook or Follow @DraftBuddy on Twitter.

If you have any questions contact mike [at] Thanks and good luck!

Picks for Chrisbill89, Entry #1 Total Points: 44 Rank: 34th

Divisional Playoffs
Conference Championship
Super Bowl
Super Bowl Champion
     Pittsburgh by 3 +5 +3     
#3 Pittsburgh        
   Pittsburgh by 14 +3 +1       
#6 Miami        
       New England by 7 +7 +0   
Note: If #3 Pittsburgh wins its Wild-Card, they will play #2 Kansas City. If #6 Miami wins, they will play #1 New England.        
     New England by 21 +5 +3     
#4 Houston        
   Houston by 10 +3 +3       
#5 Oakland    
       Dallas by 7  
     Atlanta by 3 +5 +0     
#3 Seattle        
   Seattle by 7 +3 +0       
#6 Detroit        
       Dallas by 10    
Note: If #3 Seattle wins its Wild-Card, they will play #2 Atlanta. If #6 Detroit wins, they will play #1 Dallas.        
     Dallas by 3      
#4 Green Bay        
   Green Bay by 7 +3 +0       
#5 NY Giants