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MOP Free Entry 2020 NFL Playoffs - Super Bowl LVI

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Commish Message
Welcome to the NFL Playoffs Pool! This is our public pool for the playoffs open to everyone. It is FREE to enter.

Pick the winner plus the margin of victory of every playoff game from Wild-Card Weekend through the Super Bowl. Deadline is kickoff of the first game Wild-Card Weekend on Saturday January 4th.

The winner receives a prize from the new MOP treasure chest! You can edit your picks any time up to the deadline. Limit 1 entry per member.

If you are looking for a pay-to-play pool then you are welcome to join Mike's private pool.
Pool Comments Comment Board
Mike (Feb 3): Congrats habscoach for winning the pool! Close one in the end. The bonus points from the margin of victory made a difference.
Mike (Feb 2): Today is the big day to decide this sucker. Good luck to all of those still in contention!
Mike (Jan 19): Chiefs win! Pool updated as we get ready for Packers-49ers. A lot of SF picks at the top of the board. Highest GB backer is zhammer24, currently tied for 4th.
Mike (Jan 17): I am most confident SF will get there past GB. Cheering for Chiefs but would be no surprise if Titans keep rolling.
Kopasetic (Jan 13): The Super Bowl I want to see is KC/GB... the Super Bowl we'll get is TEN/SF.
Mike (Jan 12): Joro1975 working a perfect entry through the Divisional Round. And picked the Titans to win the AFC Championship!
Mike (Jan 6): Pretty much! And props to the Vikings, that was like a different team out there than we saw most of or all season. Congrats Grumpy1 holding down the lead going 4-for-4 with some bonus points.
Kopasetic (Jan 6): Stupid Saints...
Mike (Jan 5): One perfect entry after Day 1!
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Picks for Harrison Total Points: 20 Rank: 129th

Divisional Playoffs
Conference Championship
Super Bowl
Super Bowl Champion
     Baltimore by 7      
#3 New England        
   New England by 3        
#6 Tennessee        
       Baltimore by 3    
Note: If #3 New England wins its Wild-Card, they will play #2 Kansas City. If #6 Tennessee wins, they will play #1 Baltimore.        
     Kansas City by 3 +5 +0     
#4 Houston        
   Houston by 1 +3 +3       
#5 Buffalo    
       Baltimore by 3  
     San Francisco by 3 +5 +0     
#3 New Orleans        
   New Orleans by 5        
#6 Minnesota        
       New Orleans by 3    
Note: If #3 New Orleans wins its Wild-Card, they will play #2 Green Bay. If #6 Minnesota wins, they will play #1 San Francisco.        
     New Orleans by 3      
#4 Philadelphia        
   Seattle by 3 +3 +1       
#5 Seattle