Mike's 5-Week Point Spread Pick'em #1 (Wk 1-5)

Private Pool Created By Member Mike
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#1 Weekly Winners · Go to: #2 Week 6-10 Pool · #3 Week 11-15 Pool
Week 1 - Spider
Week 2 - Rompapelle
Week 3 - ffbguru
Week 4 - schrader45
Week 5 - jeremywww

1st overall ftbguru 2nd place Clemwad

It is a weekly pick'em pool - pick against the spread - and we are splitting it up for the season. This is #1 for NFL Weeks 1 through 5.

- pick all games against the spread each week, Weeks 1 to 5
- most correct picks win the week, and we will use the MNF total points tie-breaker
- $27 entry ($25 to the prize pool, $2 to cover Interac fees)
- payouts weekly 1st place 12% (* 5 = 60%); overall 1st place 25%, 2nd place 15%

Starts Week 1 but join anytime to try to win the weekly prize. Spread the word, the more the merrier. Send payment by Interac or PayPal. Good luck!
Pool Comments · Comment Board
Mike (Oct 12): Mike updated the pool
Mike (Oct 12): Wow, who stayed up for that wild game last night? I did not. ftbguru edges out Clemwad on that last game to take 1st overall in our 5-week pick'em. Congrats! Clean slate time, on to #2.
Mike (Oct 11): jeremywww has wrapped up Week 5 before MNF
Mike (Oct 10): Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Early game today, I'm going Jets for the win
Mike (Oct 8): Clemwad with a big 3 point lead in the overall going into the final Sunday.
Mike (Oct 6): Last week for Part 1 of our point spread pick'em. Make sure to join Part 2. Would hate to lose any of you
Mike (Oct 4): Better week for me but still out of the running to win the week. Looks like if the Chargers win and cover, we are going to have a lot of entries tied at 10. Or if LV keeps it within 3 points then we have a three-way tie. So either way the total points in the game will decide it.
Mike (Sep 30): 7.5 is tough but I'm going with the Bengals
Mike (Sep 29): Mike updated the pool
Mike (Sep 29): Mike updated the pool
Mike (Sep 29): Mike updated the pool
Mike (Sep 29): I'm doing terrible to start the season, but on to Week 4. Point spreads are now final. A few sizeable changes from the initial spreads I put in Monday. KC-PHI, TB-NE, and ARI-LAR were the big movers, so give those a second look if you put your picks in early.
Mike (Sep 27): Looks like ffbguru locked up Week 3 before MNF.
Mike (Sep 23): Congrats to Rompapalle who won Week 2 with 12 right. We currently have a four-way tie for 1st overall at 19 correct.
Mike (Sep 20): Yep, sorry about that. The score for LV is missing from the stats provider. Fixed now.
TheDBH (Sep 19): Looks like the LV/PiT results are backwards
Mike (Sep 15): Lines are final for Week 2. Make sure to pay close attention to the Giants-Redskins game. The line switched from -2.5 to -3.5.
Spider (Sep 14): Awesome Mike and thank you! Good to get out a weekly win early so the rest is a bonus! Appreciate you running this as always.
Mike (Sep 14): Our prize pool is 42 entries * $25 or $1,050. Weekly prize is 12% or $126. 1st overall $262.50 and 2nd overall $157.50.
Mike (Sep 14): Okay, we have 42 paid. Remember, this is a 5-week competition for the overall. Then we'll reboot for Weeks 6-10, and 11-15.
Mike (Sep 14): Ha ha. Yes you needed to stay up for that one. Congrats!
Spider (Sep 14): I sure did!! Crazy but awesome result lol.
Mike (Sep 13): I hope everyone stayed up for that one, because that was a crazy game, crazy finish!
Mike (Sep 12): Usually updated automatically after games are final, but need to check with the stats provider why it isn't working Week 1. Probably have a date wrong. I'm going to update in a minute here.
Data Chick (Sep 12): Just wondering when the results get posted. Thanks

Format · Pick the Winners Against the Point Spread

  • Get ready for another unpredictable NFL season!
  • Every week pick all of the teams you think will WIN their game
  • Using a Vegas-style point spread, pick the against the spread winners
  • Earn one point for each correct pick
  • Points are tracked weekly and overall for the season

Rules Summary

Starting the first week of your pool, pick the team that will win its game against the point spread for every game on the NFL schedule.

If the team you picked wins, then you earn one point. If the team you picked loses or ties, then you earn zero points.

The pool is set to end after Week 5 of the NFL season.

Points are tracked weekly and overall for the season.

Important Points

Final Point Spread

The point spread for all games is considered final on Wednesday each week for the upcoming week's schedule. A preliminary point spread may be provided as a guide prior to Wednesday.

Weekly Pick Deadline

The final pick deadline for each round of the pool, all times Eastern, are as follows:

Week 1 Sun Sep 12, 2021 1:00 pm
Week 2 Sun Sep 19, 2021 1:00 pm
Week 3 Sun Sep 26, 2021 1:00 pm
Week 4 Sun Oct 3, 2021 1:00 pm
Week 5 Sun Oct 10, 2021 1:00 pm

In weeks with games scheduled earlier than the above deadlines, such as Thursday, Saturday or Sunday morning (international games), these games should be selected but picks must be submitted before kickoff of that game.

This deadline applies to all remaining games for the week, including late Sunday and Monday night games.

These deadlines will be strictly enforced! There will be no exceptions for picks not being submitted on time.

Default Pick

There are no default picks assigned for this pool. If no picks are submitted prior to the deadline for some of all of the games that week, then the entry receives zero points for those games.

Alternate Pick Submission

If you are having difficulty submitting your pick online, then send the pick by email to mike@myofficepool.ca. Make sure to clearly state the name of the pool, your username, entry number, week of the pool and picks. The email must be received time stamped prior to the deadline and from the email account associated with your username.

We take no responsibility for email being delayed past the deadline or not being delivered. Everyone should use the online system to make their picks and only send an email in the case of an emergency.