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Mike's 5-Week Point Spread Pick'em #1 (Wk 1-5)

Private Pool Created By Member Mike
Commish Message
#1 Winners Go to: #2 Week 6-10 Pool ยท #3 Week 11-15 Pool
Week 1 - Drorz1 (tie-breaker)
Week 2 - Drorz1
Week 3 - clintitans and miamid45 (tie, on the tie-breaker)
Week 4 - groinpull (tie-breaker)
Week 5 - HilDawg (tie-breaker)

1st/2nd overall - hjbreton #2 + miamid45 (tie)

It is a weekly pick'em pool - pick against the spread - and we are splitting it up for the season. This is #1 for NFL Weeks 1 through 5.
- pick all games against the spread each week, Weeks 1 to 5
- most correct picks win the week, and we will use the MNF total points tie-breaker
- $27 entry ($25 to the prize pool, $2 to cover Interac fees)
- payouts weekly 1st place 12% (* 5 = 60%); overall 1st place 25%, 2nd place 15%

Starts Week 1 but join anytime to try to win the weekly prize. Spread the word, the more the merrier. Send payment by Interac or PayPal. Good luck!


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