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Happy Holidays & Wrap Up 2021 Season NFL Pick'em

Entry Fee
$1 per entry
Weekly 1st place: $50 plus free entry NFL Playoffs pool and 2nd place: free entry NFL Playoffs pool
Sun Dec 26, 1:00 pm Eastern
# of Entries
56 ( 194 left )
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Commish Message The holiday season is here! And while we (hopefully) kick back to enjoy the holidays, the NFL regular season rolls on with Week 16 Christmas weekend, Week 17 New Year's weekend, and finally wraps Week 18 before the NFL playoffs start mid-January.

Here is a pool for anyone and everyone to join and pick the winners - against the spread - these final three weeks. This is a FREE entry pool! And, there are prizes for each of the weekly winners. Even if you join late, then you can still win a week.

1st place each week wins a free entry in our NFL Playoffs pool plus $50! 2nd place each week wins a free entry in our NFL Playoffs pool.

While the pool is free, I do have online payments set up at $1. My ask - please consider making a payment which I will submit as a donation to a local Barrie charity, COPE Service Dogs ( Simply change the quantity to increase your donation. Or, by Interac (, send whatever amount you can. All donations large or small add up to support a great cause. will match our members' donations up to $100.

This is a charity my family knows well as we fostered a service dog in training and volunteered with for over five years. Although there is no obligation to make a donation. Simply choose the "Interac (pay offline)" option and your entry and picks will submit.

Thanks everyone for playing in our pools this year. Enjoy the holidays and have a Happy New Year!

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