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March Madness Survivor Final Four and Championship Picks

For those still in the wild 2013 version of our March Madness Survivor Pool, or just following along out of interest (that would be most of us), we are down to just 6 survivors after the Elite Eight and heading into the Final Four this Saturday.

The Elite Eight round followed the same game plan as our prior rounds, with a big upset knocking a chunk of people out of the pool. This time it was Ohio State, picked by seven entries, who fell to Wichita State. We also lost one entry on Marquette who mustered a paltry 39 points against Syracuse. We started the Elite Eight with 14 alive entries, and now… just… six… for all the marbles with a potential for only two more rounds.

First, congrats to our competitors who made it this far. Clearly, a solid accomplishment to be in the last survivors and top 4.6% of entries this year. Now the big decision comes and they have all week to agonize over it. The first Final Four game is scheduled for Saturday at 6:09 pm Eastern, Wichita State vs. Louisville. Syracuse and Michigan square off at 8:49 pm.

Five of our six entries do have a choice to make, because they have two teams they haven’t already used. As luck or skill would have it, in each of those five instances the available teams are not playing each other in the Final Four. And, there are four different combinations of possible picks. Here is a summary of available picks for our six alive entries.

Teams Used
Final Four Pick
Possible Champ. Pick?
Wichita St., Michigan
Louisville or Syracuse
evan0202 #5
Louisville, Michigan
Wichita St. or Syracuse
Wichita St., Michigan
Louisville or Syracuse
mbmurray #2
Louisville, Syracuse
Wichita St. or Michigan
Wichita St., Syracuse
Louisville or Michigan
yoletmein #2
Syracuse, Louisville, Michigan
Wichita St.

It is pretty simple: pick the winner this round that is going to lose the Championship game. Hope you have the Championship game winner on-deck, to guarantee winning this pool. Sure, simple. Best of luck to our competitors!

March Madness Sweet 16 Picks

Another three bite the dust… so far! The first two games of the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship and our March Madness Survivor Pool are finished, and we are already down another three entries in the pool. Marquette knocked off Miami. No one picked either team from the Arizona-Ohio State match.

As I’m typing this, Syracuse is dominating Indiana, which if it holds up would result in another exit and exceptionally bad night for member evan0202. I guess most of you guys are planning to stay up for the late game, La Salle vs. Wichita State? We have seven picks on Wichita State. Remember, only 19 alive entries started this round, so that is a big chunk of the total.

Rounding out the Sweet 16 picks, we have one Michigan State, two Louisville and five Florida picks that play Sunday. It feels like this is going to be yet another tough round, with plenty of white knuckles and teeth gnashing to the final whistles. It is what makes this a great pool! Throw some comments our way on Facebook and Twitter, and if you are still alive, good luck!

March Madness Survivor Final Four Round

Final Four of March Madness is almost here, which ends a week of anguish for 16 of you still alive and figuring out who to pick for this crucial round of the survivor pool. Well, maybe not all 16 were suffering anguish with the decision, as a few are down to just a single team to pick. Some have two teams, some have three.

This March Madness tournament had some big upsets, like early exits for Duke and Missouri, but with no true Cinderella team making it to the Final Four, we have more entries alive at this stage than ever before. With so many entries it is very difficult to guess the picks we can expect to see at the pick deadline, tipoff of the Louisville-Kentucky game at 6:09pm Eastern on Saturday. Ohio State-Kansas goes right after at 8:49.

Probably, probably, the ultimate winner (or winners) of the pool will need to pick not only a winner this round, but also the winner of the NCAA tournament. But, you never know. Everyone who has Kentucky could pick Kentucky, they lose, and then one of ADGIB7 or evan0202, the only entries without a Kentucky option, will win the pool.

About the only thing I can give to potentially help the anguish – I mean decision – is show all of the alive entries with the teams they have available, and, a reminder to check the tie-breaker rules. In fact, I’ll copy the tie-breakers after the table of available picks for this round.

ADGIB7 Louisville, Ohio State
Coachd21 Kentucky, Ohio State, Kansas
Eugenius Kentucky, Kansas
evan0202 #2 Kentucky
evan0202 #5 Kansas
Jake_from_Texas #2 Kentucky, Ohio State, Kansas
letsgobuffalo #2 Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State
liverob Kentucky, Ohio State, Kansas
mroliversson #2 Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State
paulkney Kentucky, Ohio State, Kansas
rydel Kentucky
skyhawkbasketball Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State
stess10 Kentucky
ToddTheBod Kentucky, Ohio State
tous14 Kentucky, Kansas
yoletmein #2 Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas


An entry that survives a round but does not have any teams left to pick from is deemed to have survived further than an entry that does not survive that last round.

An entry that can pick a team but loses in a round is deemed to have survived further than an entry that had no teams to pick from at the start of that round.

Congrats to all of our contestants who made it this far in the pool, and good luck the rest of the way. Only two rounds to go. Two big rounds. Should be some exciting basketball on Saturday night.