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Welcome to the World Cup Pool, Prizes Announced

Liverpool striker and BPL player of the season Luis Suarez in a wheelchair leaving the hospital following knee surgery.

Liverpool striker and BPL player of the season Luis Suarez in a wheelchair leaving the hospital following knee surgery. So . . . who is picking Uruguay?

Hello! With less than 3 weeks to go until the start of the World Cup, it is past time I post a welcome message to the 255 of you (and counting) that joined the World Cup Pool. Thanks for signing up!

About MyOfficePool.ca

My name is Mike and I run the website MyOfficePool.ca, plus a couple other sites related to fantasy football and baseball, for those interested in fantasy sports.

MyOfficePool.ca, or MOP for short, operates simple but fun office pools. Our regular annual pools are:

It is hard to believe it is over 9 years since MOP operated its first pool. The website is more hobby and labour of love in that time for me, and hopefully you get some extra enjoyment or small release from everyday stress playing in the pools while following these sporting events.

World Cup Pool

This year is special, because only once every four years do we get to celebrate and run a pool for the World Cup! This is our third ever World Cup Pool (2006, 2010). Welcome back to those who were with us four years ago.

The World Cup Pool is designed to keep people active and engaged by requiring players to come back each round and make their picks. That is why users only input the Group Stage picks to start. This way someone is never out of it, and therefore always has something to cheer about. I hope you like the format.

Some things to keep in mind as a pool participant:

  • You can always change your picks up to the deadline. Make sure to hit submit, and you should see the picks on the results page and receive an email confirmation of your picks.
  • If you haven’t joined a group that someone invited you to, then make sure to do that before the pool deadline! At the bottom of your picks page select the group, input the password if necessary, and hit submit.
  • If you are logged in, then the results page automatically directs you to your group results.
  • No one can see anyone else’s picks until the deadline passes, kickoff of the first game of the World Cup.

For our group admins out there:

  • Use your group admin page to track your members, marking them as paid or unpaid if you are playing for stakes beyond bragging rights
  • There is a new feature recently added to allow for multiple entries, but this must be turned on for your group.
  • I made changes so when users go to their picks page from your group results page, it automatically defaults the group choices to your group. This should make it easier for members to join your group.
  • Make sure to email all of your group members (and prospective invites) to remind them about the pool deadlines to join and submit their picks each round.


Everyone who joins the pool is in the overall pool, and I’m pleased to announce I’ve added some modest prizes to be awarded to the best of the best in the overall pool. Win the following prizes courtesy of MyOfficePool.ca*:

  • 1st place overall wins $100 cash + $50 credit to a future entry fee pool
  • 2nd place overall wins $50 cash + $25 credit
  • 3rd place overall wins $25 credit

* Initial pool entry only. Multiple entries marked #2, #3, etc. are not eligible for these prizes.

Help and Feedback

My intention when I set up the pools is that everything is self-explanatory, but if not, let me know and I’ll help as best I can. Feedback is appreciated. Post a comment, email me and please follow us and hit me up on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again for joining the pool, and good luck!

Original March Madness Survivor Sold Out In Record Time… Introducing MM II and III

Wow, I did not expect that. While entries started coming in pretty good from the time I opened the original March Madness Survivor Pool late last week through the weekend, I didn’t send the sign up newsletter until this morning. It went out about 10:00am Eastern. A little after 3:00pm, the pool was sold out. That has never happened before, but it is a clear sign people love our take on NCAA Men’s Basketball!

What to do, what to do? Soon after the first pool hit the maximum entries I already started receiving notes from people asking about a second pool. Okay, it cost me a bunch of sleep, but a second and third pool are now available! Introducing…

To join the free pool, make sure you are logged in, and click the join button on the results page. This will take you to the opening round picks form. Submit your pick, and you are in that pool. We are offering a cool $150 prize to the winner of the free entry pool. Yes – free!

For those who already signed up for the original $20 pool, if you’d like to transfer a pair of your entries to the $40 pool, then let me know and we’ll get it worked out. Then if there are those out there who really prefer the $20 level, some spots may still open up. Stay tuned to the website, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook, for the latest updates.

If you enjoy playing in the March Madness Survivor Pool, or any of the other pools we run all year, then please lend a hand supporting the cause to keep this website operating. Here are some examples how you can help. Thanks, and good luck in each of the three March Madness Survivor Pools. It is going to be a wild week ahead!

March Madness Survivor Pool Open, Four Year Results Graph

In terms of being crowned the most popular pool we offer, our annual March Madness Survivor Pool has some tough competition every year against our Football Survivor Pool, and this year in particular versus the World Cup. However, it is safe to say this is the most anticipated pool by many of our members.

This pool is great for both diehard college basketball fans and bandwagon fans who get caught up in the excitement of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The unique format keeps people coming back, and whether you’ve ever heard of Murray State or Virginia Commonwealth, or know where to find Marquette or Butler on a map, everyone has a chance to take home top prize, while not being overwhelmed filling in a full traditional bracket.

A little luck to avoid the upsets never hurts, as there will surely be upsets along the way. You need to plan ahead because there is a good chance someone is going to run the table and pick the Final Four and Championship game winners. Its happened three of the past four years. Could it be you this year?

My strategy is get out of the opening weekend unscathed without using too many top seeds. Then check out the carnage in the rest of the pool, re-group and strategize to the end. That opening weekend is four rounds of the pool and of course easier said than done to stay alive. Here is a graph showing how the entries dropped off in our March Madness Survivor Pool since 2010:

Results from our annual March Madness Survivor Pool (2010-2013)

Results from our annual March Madness Survivor Pool (2010-2013)

The deadline to join the pool is opening tipoff next Thursday, March 20th. The play-in games are not included. Selection Sunday is this Sunday, so the schedule will be added late Sunday or Monday, after which time people can make their picks for the opening two rounds, Thursday and Friday. There is a cap on the number of entries in the pool, so it is a good idea to join now and reserve your spot.

Pick one team to win and you advance. If they lose, you’re out. Easy! (Well…) Exciting! (Definitely!) Good luck!