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Football Survivor

2014 Pools · Free D.I.Y. and Pay-to-Play

Welcome back to our most popular annual pools - Football Survivor - for the 2014 NFL season!

This time, we are doing things a little differently. You have two great options to play Football Survivor this season. Choose one, or both, enjoy and good luck!

Do-It-Yourself (Private)
Football Survivor Pools

Create your own private pool to invite and play against friends, or join a friend's pool!

Traditional pick one team to win, can't pick the same team twice survivor-style pool.

No limit on number of entries in your pool.

Pool management service is completely free!

Deadline for a Week 1 pool is Sunday Sept 7th, 1:00pm Eastern.

Create or Join a Private Pool

$2,500 Lucky Losers
Football Survivor Pool

Pick the Losers! If your team loses, then you advance to the next week.

For a change, you can pick the same team more than once for the length of the pool!

$2,500 grand prize, winner-take-all format

$25 per entry. Limited to 120 entries

Deadline to enter, Sunday Sept 7th, 1:00pm Eastern.

Join the Lucky Losers Pool

Looking for results from our old football survivor pools? We've been running two a season since 2007. Check the past results.