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Football Survivor

2014 Pools · Free D.I.Y. and Pay-to-Play

Welcome back to our most popular annual pools - Football Survivor - for the 2014 NFL season!

This time, we are doing things a little differently. You can set up your own football survivor pool, or join our pay-to-play pools. Choose one, or both, enjoy and good luck!

Do-It-Yourself (Private)
Football Survivor Pools

Create your own private pool to invite and play against friends, or join a friend's pool!

Traditional pick one team to win, can't pick the same team twice survivor-style pool.

No limit on number of entries in your pool.

Pool management service is completely free!

Create or Join a Private Pool

$2,500 Classic Football Survivor Pool (Week 4 Start)

Classic survivor! Pick a team to win, you cannot pick the same team twice

$2,500 grand prize, winner-take-all

$25 per entry. Limited to 120 entries

Week 4 start. Deadline to join Sun Sept 28th, 1:00pm ET

Join Classic Football Survivor

$2,500 Lucky Losers Football Survivor Pool

Pick the Losers! If your team loses, then you advance to the next week.

You can pick the same team more than once for the length of the pool!

Lucky Losers Pool

Looking for results from our old football survivor pools? We've been running two a season since 2007. Check the past results.