March Madness Survivor Pools Now Open

finalfour2015We don’t know the bracket yet, but we know the 2015 NCAA College Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, better known as March Madness, is fast approaching and you can (and should) reserve your spot in our annual March Madness Survivor Pools. These pools tend to fill up fast, and there are limited spots in the premium access entry pools with the bigger prizes.

This year there are three different pool options to join. Pool I is $2,500 1st place prize, $25 entry and limited to 115 entries. Pool II is $2,500 1st place prize, $50 entry and limited to 58 entries. Pool III is FREE! That’s right, FREE! $150 1st place prize and no limit on number of entries in this pool, but members are restricted to one entry each. The last one is a thanks from me to you for supporting the website.

* All amounts in Canadian dollars. Canadians add 13% HST

For Pool I and Pool II, it will be the first 115 or 58 paid entries that remain in the pool. Secure your spot today by paying via INTERAC email money transfer or cheque (check) in the mail. Then get ready for the action that is March Madness!

To join any of the pools, Login or Register a account, go to the pool rules or results pages, making sure you are viewing the pool you want to join and click Join. Then submit a pick and you are in the pool.

There is a dummy schedule in the pool currently, but make a pick and you can come back any time prior to the pool entry deadline and change it. Thanks, and can’t wait for this one to get started!

March Madness Survivor Pool Coming Soon! Past Results Graph Shows Minefield of Upsets

Lucas Oil Stadium

March Madness is on tap! This year the Final Four and National Championship games are played April 4th and 6th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

It is almost March, which means the NCAA Division I college basketball tournament, better known as March Madness, is almost here! This of course also marks the return of one of our most anticipated annual pools, March Madness Survivor!

This year the Final Four and National Championship games are played April 4th and 6th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Roll that back and the 64-team field gets underway Thursday March 19th. That is technically the start of the Second Round, as the NCAA continues to grow their First Round play-in games, dubbed First Four, played March 17th and 18th. Check the full bracket for all of the dates and locations.

As with most March Madness pools, we will continue to focus on the 64-team field. That is more than enough to whittle down our members, survivor style, from early confidence and optimism through intense doubt and second guessing while trying to navigate a sometimes ridiculous minefield of upsets. Its a wild ride, often over much faster than you expect or certainly hope for. This graphs represents the steep cliff of alive entries by round from our March Madness Survivor Pools the past four years.

March Madness Survivor Pool Alive Entries By Round, 2011-2014.

March Madness Survivor Pool Alive Entries By Round, 2011-2014.

Last year we ran three separate pools for the first time. There was Pool I ($20 entry), Pool II ($40 entry) and Pool III (Free entry). The above graph shows the sum of entries for all three pools together for 2014. We started with 234 entries, and only three entries survived to the end to pick the winner of the National Championship, members colman, evan0202 and steelers. Member Mean Machine wasn’t fully tested, winning Pool II after the Elite Eight round.

We will likely offer three pools again this year given the demand. I am working on them currently and hope to have them up soon, so our members can secure their spots, even before the teams and seeds are known from Selection Sunday, March 15th.

March Madness is a ton of fun, even for non-true-basketball fans like myself, because it is such an exciting event with the wild finishes and upsets. To have a little money action on it is even better, whether betting on individual games, playing daily fantasy sports, or participating in our March Madness Survivor Pool.

A members email newsletter will go out when the pool is ready, and see you back here real soon!

Super Bowl Prediction – Seattle Seahawks 27, New England Patriots 20

A tougher match than last year, sure, but still expecting a repeat win, and wouldn't be surprised if it is another blowout.

A tougher match than last year, sure, but still expecting a repeat win, and wouldn’t be surprised if it is another blowout. The Seattle Seahawks are that good.

Prediction time… Seattle Seahawks 27, New England Patriots 20.

Even with just a 1 point betting line, the general public (plus media) seems very keen on the Patriots to win this game. Suddenly Tom Brady is getting the accolades for greatness that he was due all this time. The Pats cruised past the Indianapolis Colts to the Super Bowl. The Seahawks needed a miracle to defeat the Green Bay Packers.

Lets remember however that the Packers are far superior to the Colts. Heck, the Dallas Cowboys are far superior to the Colts. The NFC was a much better, tougher conference this season. In the AFC it was the Pats and little competition after the Broncos fizzled out. The Ravens were a tough test for the Pats, and it took some trickery to win a close contest against that team and their poor pass defense. The Seahawks are better nearly across the board – QB, RB, DEF – than the Ravens.

In terms of matchups, I question the stats indicating the Seahawks are weak defending the tight end, since LB Bobby Wagner missed a big chunk of the season. Darrelle Revis should lock down his opposing receiver, presumably Doug Baldwin, but given the mediocreness of the Seahawks receivers, this is not a big detriment to their offensive success. Russell Wilson no doubt had a bad game two weeks ago, probably the worst of his career. I don’t expect a repeat performance. LeGarrette Blount looks all-world against terrible run defenses, but does little otherwise. Marshawn Lynch doesn’t play favorites; he punishes defenses in the second half of games when he, inexplicably, looks stronger.

Transcending the stats and matchups, I distinctly remember after last year’s Super Bowl, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll commenting on the similarities between his Seahawks team and his USC teams that dominated college football, even in championship games. “And for the fans that have watched us over the years in Southern California, I would think they took great pride in what happened last night because they understand what they just watched.

The Seahawks are not only incredibly talented, but the character and makeup of this team is something to behold. Not that Bill Belichick isn’t a great football coach. In fact, I have no doubt he (Belichick) is the greatest football mind, ever, but Carroll has the pulse of his team with zero doubt they will win another championship. A tougher test than last year, sure, but this could easily be another game where we all start to sit back and, “understand what we just watched.”