March Madness Survivor Pool—Elite 8 On Tap

My grand plan for our annual March Madness Survivor Pool is almost completely out the window as of the Sweet 16 round. Not only does my “saved for the final” pick Syracuse lose on Thursday, but much more significantly, my Ohio State pick blew it against Tennessee.

I can adjust the plan with the Syracuse loss pretty easily, slotting new West region favourites Kansas State in their place. The Ohio State loss is a lot tougher. I felt like I had an immunity idol slung around my neck being the only person still standing with two entries. As with the idol though, I wish I could have held onto it and not played it so soon.

The ripple effect of course is now there is no ability to play both sides in the Championship game. Also, the entry that got dumped was the better of the two. It was the one that used Washington and Cornell to get to the Sweet 16. The entry I’m still alive on already used Duke.

Oh well, no sense crying over spilt milk. One and done is the way it has to be.

If I stick to my original plan for this entry, it is Michigan State this round. Ohio State didn’t look bad last night, but Tennessee looked quite good and a little better than OSU to face Michigan State. Tennessee is in fact favoured over Michigan State, and I could pick Tennessee, but this game looks like a toss-up.

My other options are not overly appealing either though. I could try to pick the winner of the Kentucky-West Virginia game. No thanks. I could pick Kansas State to win.

With 17 still alive, unless we have a whole lot of groupthink and get dumped on the same pick, I think someone is going to have to pick the winner of the Championship game to win this pool.

I think I have to take a chance and stick to the plan, picking the winner of the Michigan State-Tennessee game. That team bows out to Kansas State in the Final Four. Winner of Kentucky-West Virginia defeats, presumably, Duke in the Final Four. I pick the winner of Kentucky-West Virigina for the Championship game.

If this helps you at all… I thought it would help me, but it didn’t really… here are all the remaining alive entries and what teams they’ve picked, marked with an “x”, and teams they have available. The Elite 8 favourites are highlighted.

March Madness Survivor Pool

Good luck! I know I’ll need it!

One thought on “March Madness Survivor Pool—Elite 8 On Tap

  1. Gerri Attrics

    Tough games this round. I like Tennessee over Michigan State but I have a hard time betting against Tom Izzo. I like Kentucky over West Virginia slightly but Kentucky’s a nice pick to have in the pocket. Duke vs. Baylor is a tough call as well, especially with Baylor playing essentially a home game. Kansas State over Butler looks to be the easiest call but Butler is tournament tested and a tough team and how much did that double OT game take out of Kansas State with only a day of rest. Good luck all.

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