Man With A March Madness Plan

If you can make sense of the image below, well… maybe you can let me know what you think it means.

Okay, seriously though, having made it through the first three days of our March Madness Survivor Pool with both of my entries, I’m feeling pretty good and figured maybe, just maybe, I should sketch out a plan to the end of the tournament.

I was feeling a little smug about using #11 seed Washington yesterday to topple #3 New Mexico. That is until I realized that if Washington keeps winning, then I’m the only entry that has already used them. Hmm…

As we all know, the best laid plans can come toppling down in a hurry. Right Kansas? As of Sunday morning though, this is how I’m leaning. The black is one entry, and red is the other entry.

March Madness Survivor Pool Plan

Didn’t make sense? I’ll try to explain.

All this time, in my head and based on limited research of a quote here or there from sports talk radio, I’ve been putting West Virginia and Syracuse in the Championship game. Then this morning, I realized, hey, I’ve completely forgotten about Kentucky (sorry Ashley).

Anyway, if I can somehow save Syracuse and the winner of West Virginia/Kentucky (sorry Washington) for the final in both entries, then I’ll be golden.

Rolling it back from there, with Entry #1 I’ll take West Virginia/Kentucky to win it all, Syracuse as my Final Four pick, Duke as my Elite 8 pick, Ohio State as my Sweet 16 pick and that leaves me some pretty limited choices for today. Wisconsin vs. Cornell, Michigan State (already used Maryland), Purdue vs. Texas A&M, Pittsburgh vs. Xavier.

I had Wisconsin slotted in, and they are favoured by 4.5 points, but I remember they just squeaked by Wofford. I’m sure it is hype, but I’m reading a lot of positive hype on Cornell. Hype is exactly what I’m getting caught up in with this tourney, so I may just roll the dice with another longshot, this time bigger than the Washington longshot (who were in fact favoured in their game by 1.5, even though they were the lower seed).

Make room on the bandwagon Ivy crowd, I’m backing Cornell. There is no prize for second place in this pool, so lets roll those dice.

With that, gulp, decision in the books, maybe I don’t have to go quite as risky with Entry #2. Problem—already used Duke with this entry. There is no sense following the exact same plan with multiple entries anyway, so lets switch things up, a bit.

Still, I’d like the Syracuse vs. West Virginia/Kentucky in the final, if possible. This time Syracuse is my winner, assuming both entries make it that far, West Virginia/Kentucky my Final Four pick, Maryland my Elite 8—and when I say Maryland, I really mean winner of Maryland/Michigan State, which I have no idea about, but I’ll pick that team over Ohio State—Baylor as my Sweet 16 pick, and that lets me use #2 ranked Ohio State today.

Got to love this reverse rationalization to justify the supposedly less risky play today.

Well, there you have it. The best laid plans. Hopefully I’m still alive after today to take this plan into the Sweet 16 round. Good luck everyone!

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