Back By Popular Demand Our Traditional Football Survivor Pool Now Open, Starts Week 4

Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints

Yes! Traditional pick one team to win, can’t pick the same team more than once, football survivor is back! Oh, and Jimmy Graham, how the heck did you guys lose to the Cleveland Browns last Sunday?

If there is one thing I learned to start this football season it is to give the people what they want. And if you think about changing what you usually give them, then make darn sure they are okay with the changes.

I’m referring to our annual pay-to-play Football Survivor Pools. I thought it would be interesting to change the rules from our traditional football survivor this year. Instead of picking one team to win each week, and entries cannot pick the same team twice, I decided to set up a pool so entries pick one team to lose each week, and they can pick the same team as often as they like. That is the format of our Lucky Loser’s Pool.

My bad. While I wouldn’t say response was terrible – we did nearly sell out the pool in the end – there was definitely a vocal group of our veteran players who prefer the old way. Of course since the pool was already open and Week 1 was fast approaching, I couldn’t change course at that time. I did learn from the experience however, and promised our players I would open a new, traditional football survivor pool soon. Today is the day. Introducing the . . .

$2,500 Classic Football Survivor Pool (Week 4 Start)

Pick a team to WIN. You cannot pick the same team more than once (unless the pool extends into the NFL Playoffs). It is $25 per entry with a winner-take-all grand prize of $2,500, and the entries are capped at 120. This pool is slated to start Week 4 of the NFL season, so you have just one and a half weeks to join the pool.

Please pay for the pool using INTERAC as instructed on the rules page, and if that option is unavailable to you then email me to discuss other options. If you are still playing in the Lucky Loser’s Pool, make sure to not confuse your entries whether you are picking winners (this pool) or losers (that pool). Thanks in advance for signing up, and good luck!

Lucky Loser’s Pool Update

Only two weeks in the books and we are down to nearly half of the entries. The pool stats I just noticed are slightly off because it includes my own ineligible entry in the pool. The current tally is 56 out, 59 still alive, competing for the grand prize.

There wasn’t one surprise team that knocked out a whole bunch of entries last week, but rather six different teams that were selected that all won their game. The biggest upset was Cleveland Browns beating New Orleans Saints, although it was outside, on the Browns home grass turf. Maybe it shouldn’t be too surprising as those are not ideal conditions for the Saints.

The most popular pick was the Kansas City Chiefs facing the Denver Broncos, and heck, they made a game of it even without Jamaal Charles who left early. 29 entries picked the Chiefs while a close second was the New York Jets at 22 picks, losing to the Green Bay Packers in another, “that was closer than expected,” contest.

I have to wonder if we are getting settled in after a wild first two weeks of the season and things will calm somewhat for our usual 10+ weeks to decide our survivor champ, or if there are many more upsets on deck and this pool will wrap up relatively quickly.

The NFL loves their parity. They hate their controversy and criticism (which they are dealing with in spades right now), but they love their parity. That is what contributes to these survivor pools being so fun and frustrating all at the same time. Love it!

Lucky Loser Pool Entries For Sale, Another Pay-to-Play Pool and Thursday Night Football

I thought Matt Forte and the Chicago Bears would run roughshod over the Buffalo Bills last week. Didn't happen. Bears-Bills result was the biggest survivor upset in Week 1.

I thought Matt Forte and the Chicago Bears would run roughshod over the Buffalo Bills last week. Didn’t happen. Bears-Bills result was the biggest survivor upset in Week 1.

Howdy! Another National Football League season is underway, and here is hoping you are still alive in your Football Survivor Pool(s), whether it be here, in our Lucky Loser’s Survivor or one of the Do-It-Yourself (Private) Pools, or somewhere else versus your office peers or against some buddies.

My top pick last week, no way they can possibly lose the game, the Chicago Bears. Bah! I should never pick for the Buffalo Bills, and I should never pick against the Buffalo Bills. They looked absolutely horrid in preseason. I know, I know, its preseason, and we shouldn’t put very much weight on it, but they were so bad it confirmed my already low expectations. Either the Bills fooled many of us and they are a team to be reckoned with, or (more likely), the Bears defense is a shell of what is used to be.

Lucky Loser Pool Entries For Sale

Thanks to everyone who signed up to play in our Lucky Loser’s Survivor Pool!

I heard the feedback, and general consensus is that our veteran players prefer the traditional, pick one team to win, can’t pick the same team twice format. I felt the pick a team to lose format, and you can pick them more than once, would be an interesting twist we hadn’t tried before.

We will go back to a traditional survivor, but once I opened up the Lucky Loser’s Pool, I had to carry it through. You guys were kind of stressing me out I could take a loss on this pool though with all of the late entries Sunday morning. Thanks for preventing that, but can we maybe not procrastinate quite as much next time, pretty please? (wink)

Now, given the option to let people sign in to the pool prior to paying for their entry, it was almost inevitable some people would not follow up and send payment. I’ve sent reminders, and finally had to lock these unpaid entries out of the pool. They are now up for sale!


As you can see, two of the unpaid entries got knocked out in Week 1. The other seven are all up for grabs. If I add back these seven entries, then we have 80 alive. With a $2,500 grand prize, that is an intrinsic value of $31.25 per entry. See that? If you’re still alive in the pool, you made a cool $6.25 last week!

Anyway, if you want one or more of these seven unpaid entries, then you can have them for the initial entry fee of only $25. Email me and let me know if you want in on this action.

Another Pay-to-Play Pool?

As mentioned, I am willing to open a traditional pick the winner survivor pool, but I also know many of you are already invested in the Lucky Loser’s pool, and may not quite be ready to jump into another pool. You did set aside a few bucks a week from the wife all year to get ready for football season, didn’t you?

Here is your chance to let me know if you are ready for a new pay-to-play pool. I was thinking a Week 3 or Week 4 start, but we’ve got to get rolling on that if it is going to happen. Post a comment below, on Twitter or Facebook, or simply email me and say, “I’m game.” If there is enough positive response, then I will fire it up.

Thursday Night Football

A lot of outside distraction for this game, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens, obviously. It is always a big game on the NFL schedule when these two teams butt heads, so lets hope they can put the distraction aside for the three or so hours (60 minutes of “football time” as my wife likes to put it) so we can see an entertaining contest.

I don’t imagine too many people will make a survivor pick for this game. However, some of you surprised me last week picking the Seattle Seahawks to oust the Green Bay Packers. If you are going to pick this game, make sure your pick is in before kickoff. Otherwise, your survivor pool deadline is this Sunday at 1:00 Eastern.

Good luck in the pools this week!

A Twist on Survivor Football – Can You Pick A Team To Lose?

Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders

Any regular weekly losers in this group? I’m sure the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders will make for some popular picks in our Lucky Loser’s Football Survivor Pool. Photos: Icon Sportswire

If you are a seasoned veteran player from our annual NFL Football Survivor Pools, then you may be a little unsure about the changes to the site this year. For the first time I am offering two ways to play survivor – create your own private pool or, our usual, pay-to-play pool. If you are looking for the pay an entry fee, try to win the grand prize pool, then you want the pay-to-play option.

However, even the pay-to-play is not exactly the usual way we do it though, is it? No. This time around, instead of picking a team to win its game each week, you need to reverse your thinking, and pick a team to LOSE its game. That is why I called it the $2,500 Lucky Loser’s Football Survivor Pool.

I thought it would be a fun twist we haven’t tried before. Since I opened the pool last week, I heard some friendly but constructive feedback that numerous members prefer the traditional, pick a winner and you can only pick them once all season format. To that, I say we will go back to that, perhaps as soon as Week 2 or 3, but the opening pay-to-play pool for the 2014 NFL season is the Lucky Loser’s pool.

Oh yes, and it is true that there is another major rule change. You can pick the same team to lose its game more than once. You can pick the same team every week if you like (except byes, of course). If you latch on to a perennial loser that is so bad they are going to string together 10, 11 or more losses, you should be in great shape.

On this last rule change, you may not agree with this, but in my experience whether you reduce the available choices each week or not, the pool does not extend any further into the season. I’ve participated in a survivor pool for years now without the, “can’t pick the same team more than once,” rule, and I believe our traditional survivor has usually lasted longer. Maybe we have more skilled players at this website? Could be!

Anyway, we shall see how it goes, assuming we sell enough entries. As of writing this way too early in the morning, we have 47 entries reserved and 31 of those are paid. The prize pool is guaranteed at $2,500, but only if we sell at least 60 entries. The entries are capped at 120, and we typically have a lot of procrastinators getting in the pool. If you procrastinate too long, then you might miss out.

To join, follow these steps:

  1. Login, or register a free member account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Go to the Lucky Loser’s Football Survivor Pool and you should see options across the top for Rules, Results, Pool Stats and Join This Pool. Click Join This Pool.
  3. You will be taken to a Week 1 entry form. Pick a team to LOSE! Submit your pick.
  4. Now you should see your entry on the results page, but marked as Unpaid. Check the rules, or email me, for instructions on how to submit payment.

That is it. You are in. You can purchase multiple entries if you like. I know some of you have a single member account used for a half dozen family members. Thats cool – just keep track of which entry is yours!

Thanks for playing, and good luck!