Annual Second Half NFL Football Survivor Pool Ready to Roll, Week 10 Start

I’ve received notes for 2-3 weeks now saying, “Mike, are you going to do a second half NFL survivor pool?”. Since we started the Classic Football Survivor in Week 4, plus still had some alive in our Lucky Loser’s Pool from Week 1, I felt like we needed a few more upsets to thin the field before opening a second half pool.

Thanks you Dallas Cowboys. Or, thank you Colt McCoy and the Washington Redskins. Both work, as the Classic got knocked down to 29 alive entries after Week 8, and the Lucky’s Losers is down to just 10 alive. There a bunch of you sitting on the sidelines, pining for another kick at the can this NFL season, survivor style.

As of late last night (technically, very early this morning), our annual

2nd Half Football Survivor Pool

is up and running!

To help ensure it fills up, I am capping the entries at 72, but it still sports a healthy $1,500 prize for the winner. The rules are exactly the same as the Classic pool – pick one team to win, you can’t pick the same team twice.

If the pool goes through Week 17 with more than one alive entry, then we will carry on into the NFL Playoffs to decide the winner. You do not need to save teams for the playoffs, as teams already picked in the regular season can be picked again in the playoffs (but again, only one time once we get there).

Payment methods are the same as used previously. The deadline to join is Sunday at 1:00 Eastern of Week 10. There are limited spots, so get your entry in soon! (As usual, you can always change your pick up to the deadline.)

Cowboys Get Upset, Alive Entries in Football Survivor Pools Dwindle


Going into last night, I was thinking there wasn’t going to be much to write about in my upset of the week post. I was all ready to blast New York Jets QB Geno Smith for throwing 3 interceptions against the Buffalo Bills in just 8 pass attempts. That is down right awful. They certainly were the top candidate after Sunday for not only dumping a handful of entries out of our Classic Survivor Pool, but for also doing it in embarrassing style.

After Monday Night Football however, the Jets were far from the biggest upset on the board. How about the 9.5 point favourite Dallas Cowboys? They were in fact the biggest spread of the week. I felt 9.5 seemed steep for a division game, but the Washington Redskins are so hit and miss, while the Cowboys were rolling right along, not many predicted an outright underdog straight up win.

The Cowboys were responsible for 15 entries getting dropped from the Classic Survivor, and another 9 out of only 19 alive going into the week in our Lucky’s Losers Pool. That’s right, the survivor pool that started back in Week 1 is down to just 10 remaining. The Classic has 29 still standing.

Unfortunately I couldn’t pick one boneheaded play to capture the angst felt by Cowboys backers from our pool, so I will leave with the image of Rex Ryan from their game on Sunday. It captures the sentiment well for Jets supporters and Cowboys supporters.

We are getting to the point we should open up another Football Survivor Pool. If all goes well tonight and tomorrow, then we’ll open another to start Week 10, the classic pick one team to win, can’t pick the same team twice format, and we will extend it through the NFL Playoffs to the Super Bowl if necessary.

Seahawks Completely Duped on Rams Punt Return

One thing I wanted to add to the festivities of this year’s football survivor pools is a biggest upset of the week recap. Last week was the missed field goal by the Cincinnati Bengals Mike Nugent at the end of overtime in their game against the Carolina Panthers. This week, we have a real doozy of a play, from a game that resulted in 11 people getting knocked out of our Classic Survivor and 9 from our Loser’s Survivor.

The Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks were completely fooled on a punt return play by the St. Louis Rams. In a nutshell, all of the defenders moved to one side of the field. The ball was caught and returned on the opposite side of the field. While the Seahawks special teams was a disaster the entire game, in which they ultimately lost only 28-26, this play will live on in infamy.


The best video I found I can’t embed in our blog, but funny enough the one I found that best showcases the play was on the Seahawks own website under “highlights”.